بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


So anyway, My hubby didn’t have enough money to catch the bus, then again maybe he did but just wanted to hold my hand and show me stuff like he used to do in fourth grade.

I knew he played tennis, but I was intimidated by this one girl when he took me to the courts on campus. And, I had never been to the park where he plays. So, I’ve yet to see him play. :/

I had these cute tennis dresses from the Seventies when I was in college, so I took a tennis class. So, I could learn how to play with my Habibi ❤ ❤ ❤ I always took some type of physical education class throughout my school years (aerobics, weight training, tennis, etc. I’ve always been athletic. I even taught an aerobics class. “Disco-Cardio” LOL #donna ❤ ❤ ❤ )

But my tennis instructor was this devil and she was hating on me. She would never let us play! All we did was learn how to keep score. Who cares about the score?? Do you see this dress?? :/ 😉

I did manage to learn how to serve which is the best part. Venus and Serena know how to do it! #gottagrunt 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

Sometimes I call myself, SABRINA, it’s based on an Arabic word that I need much more of: SABR. (Patience) It makes me feel like a “Williams” SISTER too. 😉

Sometimes I call myself, SERENA too. That’s based on a Latin word for Siren (a female singer that lives in the ocean, whose melody signals “that which is certain.” 😥 )

In case you haven’t noticed, I have an intense interest in languages. Sometimes I go through psychotic issues wherein it is difficult for me to express myself. I might not speak at all. So, I have always been interested in languages. It helps. Particularly American Sign Language (ASL).

Body Language speaks more truthfully than spoken language. (You know what they say…… 😉 ) I took a Psychology class in college and we learned about that. It’s very interesting. Notice how a person positions themselves when they are sitting down talking to you. Are they facing you with rapt attention? Or are they turned away? Body Language tells you how a person really feels.

Anyway, I don’t care about the score, I just want to hit the ball back and forth with my husband. Me and Hakim used to play at Ted Watkins. That was fun!!!!!!! I had on my garments too!

(I have a picture of me running in my garments, but facebook doesn’t allow you to search pictures and I have like 725 photos to go through. 🙂 )

You don’t have to wear skimpy garments to work out, Sisters. In fact, you should not, unless, you are somewhere private. I also wouldn’t recommend participating in Zumba classes where men are present.

Anyway, while we were walking down La Cienega, My Habibi ❤ ❤ ❤ pointed out a store called “THE MERCHANT OF TENNIS.” I never forgot that. Probably because of the play on the Shakesperean play. (pun intended 😉 )

The building is still there.

the merchant of tennis

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