The Beach, The Beach, The Beach…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

beautiful samo pier

The other evening, it hit me with startling clarity that I can’t just up and go to the beach anymore!

That almost made me want to come home IMMEDIATELY!

I took it for granted that I could just get on any number of buses and in a few minutes I would be standing before the largest body of water on the PLANET EARTH – The Magnificent Pacific Ocean – with its 68,634,000 square miles of water.

I had decided to go to the beach in the morning, then I remembered where I am!  I almost went into cardiac arrest; breathing became laboured; blood temperature soared; heartrate quickened; started feeling really claustrophobic. I mean, I felt like I was going cold turkey.

I’m 44 and have never lived outside of California – grew up quite like Gidget.

**I know she’s a devil….. :/ But Black People dig the beach just as much, if not more than devils, because A.) We created it and B.) We don’t sunburn! LOL

I even started a family BEACH Tradition!

The week before each of our children (except MaKayKay 😥 Sorry Bibi 😦 ) turned seven, we had “Farewell To Six Week” (This was even before I knew about the Messenger’s (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s [PBUH] Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings on the number SIX (6) and how when the number SEVEN (7) comes, that’s it for the devils. You’re not just “resting.” “Your Brother from The East is Gonna COME AND EAT YOU UP!!!) But I always somehow just knew that the number seven symbolized a stage of completion.

Anyway, we went and had school at the Beach everyday that entire week.

I’ll never forget when our daughter, (A.J. II / A.J.Jr.? LOL 😉  #mylifeisbonkers 😉 😛 ) Anyway, li’l A.J. suddenly came running up to the blanket where I was sitting watching her play in the water, and urgently started rummaging through our things. I was like, “What? What is it?” She finally found what she was looking for and said, “I have to put on my socks. This seaweed is getting on my nerves!!!” So, she put on her socks and ran and got back in the water, socks and all. LOL #socute #noinhibitions #beyourself #gottaluvem ❤ ❤ ❤

Li’l A.J. gave her little Brother the heads up when his seventh birthday was nigh, and  told him how much fun she had had and how much he had to look forward to during his “Farewell To Six Week”. She told him he was going to love it and Remember it for the REST OF HIS LIFE!

When he turned seven (7), we had already converted to Islam, and had been practicing for three (3) years already. So, we had developed excellent behaviour patterns as well as healthy eating habits. We never really ate nuts, but we used to tear some shelled sunflower seeds up! I would buy a huge bag and we would tear into the bag before we even got to the car! SMH I feel like I could eat a big bag of shelled sunflower seeds right now while I am writing about it. 😉 But, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises Are Due Forever, ate the kind with the shells and I think I wrote a blog about it, yeah I did. Let me get the link. “Sunflower Seeds”

So, anyway, I love water just as much as any other California Girl and cannot resist putting, at least, my feet (knees… thighs… *sighs…*) in the water.

Why, when we went back to the blanket, were seagulls all in our bag of sunflower seeds??? LOL #damnbirds Honestly! The nerve! #gottaluvemtho!

btw NOLA has seagulls that sound just like LA seagulls!! They sound different in different areas of the world but for some reason NOLA and LA seagulls sound exactly the same. Yaaaay for me! I was looking for a video with beach sounds one day, when I was feeling a particular longing for the shoreline but couldn’t make it out, and some of the seagulls in some of the videos just didn’t sound right.

They were from some other areas of the country. And I wasn’t with it. These out here are on point though. And, WHY do I see seashells everywhere? I mean, really! I see more seashells walking down the street in NOLA, than I see in Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu combined EVEN EARLY IN THE MORNING!

There is also a lot of sand everywhere. I swear I walked by a building under construction the other night and there was sand on the ground floor. I was instantly transported to Santa Monica. ❤ ❤ ❤ I SAVOURED EVERY MOMENT. 😥


So cheah, Farewell to Six Week… If you HOMESCHOOL, it is much easer to get away with, than if  you don’t. 😉 😛 Homeschool anyway. I didn’t have the nerve yet when our daughter was younger, to take her out of the devil’s school and homeschool her completely, and caught a lot of flack when she got her report card and it showed 46 absences. LOL #leaveittome #bananas

But All Praise is Due to Allah, our son didn’t have to suffer through that!

Speaking of beaches, I don’t know WHERE I’m going to find a rainstick out here, nor a decent hooglah. (that’s what we call the cardboard roll inside paper towels and t.p.) in order to make my own.

*The rainstick at the end……*

I used to get my rainsticks from Venice Beach, but I don’t know if they have a Native American store out here in NOLA. Maybe those Mardi Gras Indians that creep me out, use them. I’m trying, SweetHeart…. #HBD #only13days #lessthan2weeks!!!!! #Iloveyoustillandalwayzwill ❤ ❤ ❤ #takinitbackto’79 #RIP #BigBabyJesus 😥

I’ve seen ONE fabric store out here in NOLA, and it looked VERY High End. It was Uptown and closed when I happened by, so I didn’t – couldn’t go in. But the fabric in the window was the type The Holy Qur-an says we’ll be wearing in the Hereafter. #silkbrocade And very expensive. I guess silk would come on a hooglah….. I don’t know, wait, yeah, I bought some chartreuse silk fabric a while back, SMH 😛 #heyZawji 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤ and it came on a hooglah.

So anyway, my cardiac arrest turned out to be a false alarm, after about ten minutes, my symptoms were gone, but I’m feeling the room spin and the walls closing in a little bit as I write this. There’s got to be a beach somewhere around here, with the shells, sand and seagulls. Those three add up to BEACH anyway you order them. I forgot what that property is called. Oh Lord Jesus, I need to have another baby! LOL #tohomeschoolandstayuponmymathematics #ZAWJI #helpmeout #eitherwiththemathematicsorwiththebaby 😉 😀 #iknowyoumylove #both right? 😀 #HBDpresentnextyear?? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉 #13daze ❤ ❤ ❤ #lessthantwoweeks ❤ ❤ ❤ #upforanotherfarewelltosix? 😉 #iam! ❤ ❤ ❤ #Iloveyouforever!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I’ve got to add BEACH, along with Southern University and Fats Domino’s house, to my list of places to find here in Nawlins’. #challenge #alwaysup 😉

My Beloved Zawji went to Southern University out here, I know it had a profound effect on his music. Oh yes, Sweet Honey-Stick, I wanted to share with you this movie that’s scheduled for the film festival out here. It’s based on the life of James Booker. I know, I know, we’re on another level……Sweet Zawji ❤ ❤ ❤

Let me see if I can find it….

I’m pissed cuz I don’t have any headphones AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

If I had gone to college out here, I would been BUCK WILD! #yaheard The Twenty-somethings are hella cool, kinda out there (confused), but alright nonetheless. I love ’em all. They’re so intelligent and just want to get the BEST life has to offer like anybody else. But, I try so hard to get them to look toward the future of our nation and not just themselves and their immediate family.

Most of them have college degrees, but come back and work in the tourism industry because they make more money. I tell them, it’s not about the Benjamins. Think of the legacy you can leave behind if you start your own business. Your children won’t have to go begging their slavemaster for a job.

Slavery is worse now than it was before Emancipation, because now we go and beg the whiteman to make us his slave. He freed us over one hundred and fifty years ago, but we still go to him for a job. We MUST change our way of thinking and think in terms of doing something for self (SELF-SUFFICIENCY).


And not just about our individual self, but our entire National “Self.” We are a Nation Within a Nation, and must think in terms of Black Nationalism. Everything we do should be with the intent of progression for our entire Asiatic Black Family in the Hells of North America, in mind.

When we go shopping, we should patronize Black business and services. When we open our own businesses, we should cater to our own people and employing our own people, instead of seeking out the money of our slavemasters; Let’s circulate our own dollars within our own community and prove to the world that we are no longer dependent on our slavemasters for anything.


We are too inclusive as a general practice. Everywhere I go out here I see devils behind programs that are supposed to benefit Black people. That is a contradiction. The people who caused our problems, cannot fix them. It would create too many problems for them.

We must solve our own problem. And that is separation from the cause. And progressively working toward a future as an independent nation with Allah (God) as our Guide.


* * * * *

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