Back in the City of ANGELS

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaam ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the Asiatic Black Family of the Planet Earth!!!

Well, it’s official… I’m back in the City of Angels where we LOVE ALLAH 😊

I’ve just now had a chance to sit down and write a few lines.

First, I have to send my Most Sincere and Heartfelt Gratitude to my TRUE BROTHER AND SISTER, SALAAM AND HALIMAH ALLAH.

The Jesus of 2,000 years ago said, You cannot be the brother nor Sister of the Believer unless you believe like them.”

My Dear Beloved Brother and Sister made manifest their belief by ensuring that your girl, Love Allah, made it back to the West Side, which is the Best Side. 😃 Without their help, I would probably still be stuck in a Louisiana hospital.

I thank you, Family, for your kindness. May Allah Bless you both as well as our 😆 entire family with Abundant Wealth, Good Health and The Wisdom to Manage and Maintain them Both.

Shukran Jazillan!!!!!

Next, the staff at the hospital, you made me feel like I had unintentionally misled you when I let it be known that I am not originally, from NOLA. You made me feel just like family and I am truly sorry for the misunderstanding, I guess I just have a little NOLA in me. Thank you for making me feel so at home.

Brendar “Abdul” 😉


Miss Darnell Thank you for giving me my necessary three cubic feet of creative air I needed to breathe.

Jamal’Mal’ for helping me Second Line😊


Dr. Baier

Michelle my Social Worker

Sarah at Greenlight

And my entire treatment team

Think roomful of devils….

I spoke to them after about three weeks…

Lil’ Miss Aretha

Miss Anna


I kept meaning to ask you is that short for Franklin? Francis?




Miss Linda

And my Brother who refused to wear his wedding ring. See, that’s why I can’t remember your name, homie….

And my other Brother with the glasses, forgive me for not recalling your name, Sir. My deepest apologies.

And also shout out to my compatriots in care-

Miss Tonya with the sweetest Southern drawl. I could listen to you talk all day 😊

Sister Chablis (whose Sister is named Chardonnay)

Brother Jamahl

Brother Victor

Brother Diego

Sister Tonya

Miss Pam

And I cannot forget My Sister Miss Barbara, who reminded me how cool it is to refer to oneself in the third person 😊 Our Saviour, Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is Due Forever, Does that. He also uses third person instead of second person which is Uber cool.

I cannot forget my Dear Brother who gave me my initiation into homelessness in NOLA. You really pulled my coat regarding what they were saying about the new girl on the block. I hope to run into you some where and find life in L.A. suits you quite well. I hadn’t planned on using that return trip anyway. 😊 However, the ATM card would have been nice and probably made it not so necessary for me to return to L.A.

Oh, and the homies on the stoop. Thanks for smoking Love out, when I was needing something, as Pac so eloquently put it, “to calm these riots going on inside my head…” It also didn’t go unnoticed that you retired my bench. 😊 I’m not sure if I should feel flattered or insulted, but I’m leaning toward flattered 😊

To my beautiful Sisters in OPP, Jessica and Dreamer, I called you both but wasn’t able to get through. Me and phones don’t mix well. If you hmu on Facebook, I can call via MESSENGER – VIDEO AND ERTHANG! HOLLA AT CHA GURL.

And I wanna send a big FUCK YOU BITCH, to Natasha Matthews at Goodwork Network. You were never cool and all I did was try and be your friend. Allah Will Judge Between us concerning that wherein we differ, hoe. Eat a dick, Bitch.

And not in the good way.

So, I think that about covers it. Thanks to the Hyatt for your hospitality; The Ritz for the use of your spa; IHOP for being open 24 hours and all the wonderful JAZZ musicians. You have truly opened my ears in a way that I will never be the same.

 Laissez less bons temps rouler!!!

What do you think?

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