I Thank Allah

Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim

I thank Allah

For Creating You For Me

For Sending His Messenger to me

I thank Allah

For making you so sweet

I thank Allah

For Causing Us to Meet

Now why we haven’t married yet is beyond all comprehension

Could it be because of all this unwanted attention?

What am I supposed to do

When all I can think about is you?

I’m feeling you

Hope that you’re feeling me too.

And I hope that the time has finally arrived

When we put all childishness aside

And finally get on that cloud and ride

Into the Heavens by Allah’s Side

But in the meantime

Know that I’m not going anywhere

I’ll be right here waiting for the day you appear

And share your life with me

Don’t you know that’s how it’s supposed to be

Me for you and you for me

Together for eternity

I wrote this just so you can see

How much you’ll always mean to me.

How long’s it been?

Almost thirty yers

And my feelings haven’t diminished a whit

In fact, they’ve grown stronger, more than a bit

And everyday they grow stronger still

Waiting for that day you’ll say

You’re ready for me – but until

That time – I’ll save this rhyme

I’ll still be yours

As long as I walk in the Sunshine

Or bask in the moonlight

This just feels right

Don’t you feel it too?

Not quite?

That’s okay.

You will soon.

  • Valentine’s Day – 2007


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