I’M BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!! :)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Asisatic Black Sisters and Brothers!!!!

I GUESS YA’LL WONDER WHERE I’VE BEEN….. 😉 #imsonola (“Ya’ll” 🙂 )

I’ve been in the hospital since the 9th.


And I don’t think I’ve written anything about “Rawlins” since I got here on the Second.


I think I remember writing about the Essence Fest.

Anyway, I got to see my Mellow, Brother Corey Henry LIVE!!!!!!

And as much as I LOVE the c.d……


My man blew the roof off with that bone!!!! He did my favorite song, “Treme’ Lyfe” first and I was in Seventh Heaven.

SIXTH Heaven, rather. 😉

* * * * *

I was disappointed because he has devils in his band, but I’m used to it now, which is a very, very, very sad commentary on the state of Black affairs.


Next, I gotta tell you about his electric violin player. He reminded me so much of my son (He wears glasses 😉 )

But his solos were legendary. He was also the first member of the band to arrive, which communicated his enthusiasm, as well as, his professionalism as a musician.

The trumpet player took us off on a tangent reminiscent of Mr. Marsalis when he started playing classical trumpet at the end of one of the numbers.

Mr. Henry wanted me to pick up the tambourine again, to bring him back on track, but I LOVE classical trumpet, so I said, respectfully, “No, Sir.

(Sorry, Mr. Bossman.)

He didn’t leave Mr. Henry out tho, I mean, he IS the bandleader and he was right there in the  pocket with him. I loved the whole thing!

But my second favorite moment was when they did a Second-Line version of The Duke’s “It Don’t Mean A Thing” and my man did Ella’s “Boo-Wop” instead of the traditional and much more common “Doo-Wop.”

Thanks, Mr. Henry, I know that was for me. ❤ ❤ ❤

My MOST favorite moment of the evening was the LAST number, wherein Cory, the percussionist and the trumpet player, sang in IMPECCABLE 3-part harmony some song. I forgot it now, but In Sha Allah, when I go tomorrow, they’ll sing it again. Maybe, I can get some video. In sha Allah (If it is the Will of Allah).

But their harmony was beautiful and right on point.

Oh, and to demonstrate how supportive the Treme’ family is, Corey let this young cat ([17 years-old] who I had heard earlier that day at a birthday party for Mrs. Marion [88 years old] in the Treme’) get on the proverbial M.I.C.

I also heard the same young cat the next day, when I followed this Bass Drum player (of The Kinsfolk Brass Band) to a wedding reception [I crashed] 😉 . They had a Second-Line all through the “Quotah.

So, how did I end up in the hospital????

Well, I stayed one night in this inexpensive hotel ($54) but the rest of the time I’ve been on the streets – not trippin’!!! – I mean, there’s always something to do in NOLA and all I need is to rest my body and my eyes every coupla days and I’m GUCCI, as they say in the Dutty.





So one morning I went to the Treme’ and I found an open apartment that somebody trying to get me to sell my soul to the devil Caucasians led me to. It was obviously for people in need of a place to stay because there were laminated cards saying stuff like “Please replace the toilet paper if necessary ” and “Please don’t leave empty bottles” and whatnot.

But I did not feel right so I posted on the stoop.

So, time goes on, Oh! I almost forgot. While I was looking around the apt. I saw some FBI Agents out the window downstairs on the street. That spooked me quite a bit because technically I was trespassing.

So, I went downstairs, closed the door, and acted like it was my crib.

You know I’m nosy so when the agents finished talking to this Sister in an SUV, I waved to her like we’ve been neighbors for years and the agents came over to talk to me.

I asked them what was up.

They said they had gotten a tip that someone who had robbed a bank in Richmond was in the area.

They showed me his picture.

I wouldn’t have told them if I did know him (“Thank you for not snitching.”)

I asked how much money did he get away with.

They wouldn’t tell.

So, when that was over, I started noticing how many tours were coming down the street. So far, I had seen three bicycle tours; two of those standing two-wheel scooter thing tours; three van tours; and one one walking tour. This just in about four hours.

So these two shuttle buses slow down to about five miles an hour before they turn on to my block. All the windows are blacked out and all I can picture is a bunch of devils snapping pictures of the “porch monkeys” like we’re in some kind of ZOO!!!!!!

I WAS LIVID!!!! So I flip them two birds arms length looking dead at those tinted windows.

TWO BUSES!!!!!!!


So, they pass but I’m talking to one of my Zawji’s Doppelgängers and getting hotter by the  second.

So The Treme’ is the oldest Black neighborhood in the United Snakes and it is EXTREMELY RICH in culture. And there’s this museum on my block celebrating The Treme’s rich cultural history.

Now, I was there on Thursday for Mrs. Marion’s birthday party. That was where I first met Corey. He grew up down the street from Mrs. Marion and he and my other bebies came out and played for her birthday. I asked him if he was having a birthday party (the 14th. It was the 7th). He said probably at his weekly gig. That’s when I realized it was that night too, so that’s when I saw him perform again frfr.

The next night (Friday, the 8th) was the reception and Second-Line in the Quarter.

Saturday morning was when all this stuff happened.

So when I was there on Friday day, I went to the museum and loved it. There is information on the Mardi Gras Indians, the Brass Bands and other societies. All I could think about was our posterity. But there were nothing but devils in there and for some reason the owner DID NOT LIKE ME.

All while I’m loving him because he was a journalist and had collected all of this memorabilia after decades of covering everything happening in The Treme’!!!

He had generations of old cameras and press passes and you know that’s my specialty. So, I’m going out of my way trying to get to talk to him and he’s avoiding me like the plague!!!

So Saturday, I’m so pissed off now I’m throwing stuff (glass bottles and scissors and whatever else I can get my hands on) at every devil that walks in front of my stoop, especially the tours. I’m yelling “DON’T COME BACK!!!” and I heard one of the tour guides apologizing and saying, “This has never happened before!” And I was like “Well, get used to it”

So, then here come the museum owner in his little get around scooter telling me to leave the devils (his customers) alone.

Now, there are some Black people who love devils for certain privileges. This was one of them. Mrs. Marion too. We got into it a coupla times. I’ll never forget she told me don’t let my religion make me think I’m better than white people. LOLOLOL I KNOW IM BETTER THAN WHITE PEOPLE!!!!

Anyway, so Sylvester starts getting all up in my grill so I threw this 64 ounce bottle of ice in his face and we started fighting.

I stabbed him in the hand with my ink pen and he started having an asthma attack LOL Old goat!!!!

Anyway, somebody called the police and THAT’S how I ended up in the hospital AGAIN….



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