The Boot

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Bebies!!!

Well, I got kicked out of TWO places today! I think that’s a record. I’ve been kicked out of several places before but not two on the same day!

I was chilling at this restaurant, set up my office, and there are a lot of Black people who come in and out of there, so I was handing out my fliers. It’s near the bus depot and the Library so I’ve been going there pretty much since I first landed in Nawlins.

I knew they didn’t like me because they would always overcharge me. Just hatin’ because I had money and they had to work. But I love my people so I just shined it on and kept coming back, regardless.

But today, they had had enough of my good news and pretty smile and positivity. Because, they started commenting that I only talk to the Brothers, not the white men. I think they were low-key jealous. SMH because I’m cute and can talk to (or not talk to) whomever I please. But I put more value on my intelligence and happy attitude while they’re always grumpy.

If you want to meet a grumpy person, talk to a woman with a job.

But anyway, I had to correct them and say that I don’t just talk to the Brothers, I talk to ALL the BLACK PEOPLE, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, senior citizens, unemployed, underemployed, homeless, prostitutes, doctors, lawyers, babies, sanitation engineers, entrepreneurs, drug dealers, musicians, crazies, smokers, construction workers, housekeepers, medical students, welfare queens &c. ALL BLACK PEOPLE.

I noticed, as I noticed at another restaurant, that they seemed to go out of their way to smile and grin at the white people but were curt and short-tempered with the Black people. And they were mad at me for ignoring the devils.

So, the manager told me I couldn’t pass out my fliers inside, I would have to do it outside. So, I said okay but kept doing it. She told me again and started talking all smart to me. So, I just smiled and talked smart back. She was mad because she had to mop the area around where I had set up.

So, I stopped handing them out in the store and went outside. I was having a good time, giving my people good news they’ve been waiting for all their lives (Message To The Blackman) and then here comes the manager talking about they can’t be babysitting my stuff. I had been there long enough, I would have to leave.

So, she wasn’t going to get rid of me that easily.

I sat back down and started making more fliers.

Then she came again and told me I had to leave.

I started cutting them.

Then I look up and there’s a pig. He tells me that they want me to leave.

So, I hand him a flier and tell him he can read Message To The Blackman at that website.

He said he’s read it before. So I tell him he can read it again and let other people know about it and finish making my fliers.

He tells me to start packing up.

I had my laptop set up, my fliers set up, my iphone and Lulu’s (my bike) basket all set up on the table.

So, I told him he looked like a Muslim. He liked that and asked why I said that. I told him because he was clean and started packing up.

Earlier, when the manager was mopping around me, I told her that bag I had set in the chair opposite me was trash too. She didn’t want to take it. I told her what if I put it on the floor? She said I would have to pick it up and throw it away because it was my trash. I told her those crumbs on the floor were mine too but she was picking those up. She got mad and just left it there.

So, when they were kicking me out, she told the pig to make me take my trash too. I just ignored them and left it right there. You wanna be mean to me for nothing? I can be mean too.

So, I told them, “See you tomorrow!” LOL

Then I started handing out fliers to all the Black people in the area. This is the most populated area, as far as Black people, in New Orleans, so you know I was right in my element.

Then I saw the homie, Keyvin, who looks and sounds just like Acey and I love the way he talks so even though he was kinda crazy, we struck up a convo, and I left with him.

I know those Sisters at the restaurant were mad because we met in the restaurant and they were hating then. Ha!

So, even though I love talking to him, he sounds JUST like Acey and some people just have voices that resonate with you, but I couldn’t take him back to the cubby hole even though I knew he wanted to go. These Brothers just wanna taste the cookie and I’m not havin’ it. I’m saving myself for A.J.

But we parted fairly amicably and I know it’s going to be cool when I see him again.

So, I didn’t have my cloak and didn’t want to be caught out late and it get cold on me, but I really wanted to play the piano. It’s just that it’s not my piano and I don’t know if the Security guards are going to trip or if there are going to be devils around and I was feeling a lot of anxiety about playing the piano.

So, I sat outside debating whether or not to go in.

Deep down I hoped that they wouldn’t let me play, solving my dilemma.

So, next thing I know, I’m singing.

Really singing.

Enjoying myself.

Then I decide to go in.

And the security guard tells me they don’t want me in there because I kept handing out my fliers after they told me not to.


They always get a Black person to do their dirty work.


So, that was the second place I got kicked out of.

Thank-you for reading.

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

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