بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Don’t Drink It Under Any Circumstances!!!

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved And Beautiful Asiatic Black Bebies!!

So, I’m staying in this “hotel” and they have a restaurant and I ordered dinner last night but they didn’t have any juices, which is what I usually drink – A.J. – Apple Juice.

So, after I couldn’t take it any more, I caved in and bought a purple soda.

That was the most addictive thing I have done since I stopped smoking cigarettes.

As soon as I finished it, I wanted another one.

I see how people can keep two liters of soda in the fridge.

It makes you want more.

I even bought one tonight with my dinner.

But this time the urge to drink another one after I finished was stronger.

And if the soda machine was closer,

I don’t doubt that I would have gotten another one this time.


Al Hamdulillah


It’s on the other side of the courtyard

Past the swimming pool


I like being hidden

So, I stayed in my room.

I am going to drink water out of the bathroom sink

Like I used to do when I was little.

It didn’t kill me.

But that soda will.

My childhood best friend used to drink a lot of soda


She was always in the hospital with


That bathroom water will quench my thirst

Like beverages are supposed to

Instead of making me thirstier

Like that soda.

I never realized how much better juice is physically and mentally than soda.

I remember before I stopped drinking soda that there were certain foods I would eat and I could not stop without drinking soda after it. They seemed to CALL for soda. Especially chips. And hamburgers and fries. I’m so thankful I don’t eat any of those foods anymore.

It just doesn’t feel right eating a vegetarian meal and then drinking a soda.

I always have milk or juice or even iced chai or coffee.

It must be about three years since I had a soda. It’s been so long that I had to REALLY think to remember the last time I had one. But I’m a Goddess and I revel in the opportunity to exercise my mental powers.

Someone had left some at the masjid and my son and I found it. He was about eleven and had never had soda. So since it was flat, we drank some.

I had always made our drinks using honey to sweeten them and there is a huge difference.

I suppose I could make my own drinks now, being homeless, too. Except tea and Hot Chocolate. I never thought about it.

I usually carry honey in my purse, but I had left it in the PPI when I got locked out and haven’t replaced it since.

That should’ve told me I was slipping out of character








Bright side is I’m better able to relate to and see what you are doing.



In New Orleans, one of the first things I noticed is the sweet way they refer to soda as a “cold drink”

I am trying to change the “cold drink” to include juice, water, milk, tea, coffee and lemonade. And that’s it. No energy drinks. No lean. And definitely no SODA.


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