بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



I first heard about Tidal when I was in Atlanta and asked a YOUNG MUSICIAN what music station HE had and he said what I heard as TITLE.

Luckily, Allah shows me what I need so when I Googled it, it came up.

You know the Youngies always stay up on the latest and plus he is a musician, so I really respected his choice. But the fact that he is a Youngie carried more weight at the time. I didn’t realize the importance of his opinion as a musician until AFTER I learned more about TIDAL.

I LOVE MUSIC and was already paying a premium for another station, so I didn’t hesitate even after I found out you have to pay.

You get what you pay for, albeit, I can’t tell the difference between the regular plan and the Hi-Fi. (I’ve had both and I know I have good ears when it comes to music quality. That’s how I know those $250 Beats by Dre are some ish. I got some $5.00 headphones from Family Dollar that sound just as good. Sometimes the little cushion comes off, but the sound quality is SUPREME!!! And that’s the IMPORTANT PART!!! I think they are just trying to make more money. Everybody is not as noble as they should be. But they’re better than the rest of them.)

So that’s why I endorse Tidal as opposed to the others, and I’ve tried them all – Pandora (will play Parliament when I’m listening to Anita Baker radio :/ ), iHeart (is cool if you want to listen to the radio, but I hate commercials so I don’t listen to them too long. It’s good if you travel and only have your computer but want to know what’s going on around town), Spotify (plays the same songs over and over and over and over. Feel me?), Soundcloud (is kinda confusing so I don’t mess with them too much even though I know it’s independent. Okay I just went to their website and it’s kinda like social media because the only thing that came up was a Brother who has a podcast or something everything else is from three years ago. TBH I only listen when somebody I know posts some music), Slacker [I’m thinking about getting Slacker again in addition to the TIDAL just on the strength of their radio stations. They play EXCELLENT songs I’ve never heard before] Tidal needs to improve on their radio stations so I won’t have to pay TWO premiums. Okay, you know I’m a “Right Now” Type of Sister. So, I’m listening to TIDAL’s radio and it’s pretty good. Good enough for me to not to have to pay two premiums anyway.)

Another reason I like it is because TIDAL is ARTIST OWNED and they get exclusives on new releases. Not to mention they PAY ARTISTS MORE THAN ANY OTHER STATION.

And I think that’s important, especially for new artists.

ANOTHER strong selling point for me is that PRINCE gave TIDAL exclusive rights to his music before he died, and do you know his family is giving them a hard time about that?!! Taking TIDAL to court over Prince’s music and he chose them BEFORE HE DIED! AND YOU KNOW HOW EXCLUSIVE he was about his music!

I mean, you couldn’t find any of his music online when he was alive. YouTube, Internet Radio, iTunes, Napster, &c. He would have that stuff pulled down so quick! He was serious about his music.

Remember he put SLAVE on his face in protest of his record company and CHANGED HIS NAME (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) to get out of his contract or something.

So, if PRINCE chose only TIDAL to feature his music online, I’m going with TIDAL.

I heard his FIRST album on TIDAL. AND OMG. Every musical artist I know puts out their BEST music when they first come out. Something about being hungry….


You know PRINCE put out some superb music in his lifetime, but his debut album – the FIRST TRACK – is unlike anything I have ever heard. He sounded BLACKER on his first album too.

It reminds me of


The ending tho.

He should have gone back to the intro.

And let it ride out.

It leaves me feeling like

What do you think?

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