Supa Dupa Skanless

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved And Beautiful Daughter!

I pray Allah these words reach you in the Best of Health, WEALTH, LUXURY, and HAPPINESS. I pray that you are enjoying ABUNDANT Blessings from your and my Saviour, Amad-Jamal Allah. He LOVES YOU, Pumpkin, more than that man you’ve been calling father ever could.

He is the reason for your wealth, Sweet Pumpkin. Not the Navy. I know you see yourself doing better than the others who are also in the Navy. Even your so-called boyfriend. (And STOP GIVING HIM MONEY!) It is because your TRUE FATHER – AMAD-JAMAL HAS POWER OVER EVERYTHING and HE Sees To It THAT YOU ARE NEVER WITHOUT.

He Sees and Hears Everything, My/OUR Daughter.

STOP WHORING. Save Yourself For Your Husband. That is why you are not married. We are living in a NEW DAY, Sweet Pumpkin Pie. We, as Black Women have to Hold Ourselves Higher Than Other Women of the Earth Because WE ARE THE FIRST.

I know you are wise enough to understand that the TRUTH of your Paternity is in Your Favour, Sweet Pumpkin. You Really ARE A PRINCESS and I am The Queen.

Your Father – THE KING – Knew You Were His When He Kissed You. His Knowledge is INFINITE, My Beloved Firstborn. I didn’t even know until yesterday!



❤ ❤ ❤

If you are still in doubt, Sweet Princess, Look AT YOURSELF, and then look at your so-called “father’s” other children. They are ALL DARK. YOU ARE BROWN-SKINNED.

Do you know when you lived with me, he never gave me one cent in child support. But he got money from Social Security for me when you went to live with him. That is, until you turned 18. That’s why he started tripping on you. He stopped getting those checks.

He has the mind of a slave. Any man who needs any type of help taking care of his own children is mentally still a slave; unable to care for his own and dependent upon another man to care for his own family.

Well, Zawji has completely relieved him of needing any help to care for you.

He has taken you from him and now we’ll see how he takes care of his other children without your support.

He Took Me Away From My Father who also has the mind of a slave and was living off of me, which is why he went to the extreme of adopting Hakim, completely unnecessarily. He wanted the check too. These types of men are still mental slaves and can never be free nor successful until they submit to our Lord and Saviour, in the Person of Amad-Jamal Allah, To Whom Be Praised Forever!

Your TRUE FATHER – AMAD-JAMAL ALLAH was supporting you until you turned 18. Then your foster father turned you out on the street.

What happened to that G.I. Bill money? He probably gets money for you being in the navy too. Take that skill they taught you and go work in the private industry, Pumpkin. Don’t give your skill back to the people who taught it to you. Take it and do something for self. Find you a Black Dentist and assist him. He could be your KING!

Call Dr. Dickey. He’s Black but he’s married and won’t be your KING, but at least you can get out the devil’s navy and stop helping your deadbeat foster father. 323-731-8586. And if he can’t employ you, he can refer you to someone who can.

All Navy men are punks (gay). Ask him what he had to do to become a “shellback” :/ And they ALL cheat.

Now Pumpkin, you know I have never EVER said anything bad about him, even after he went out and had babies by other women, but we are living in the day when the veil of falsehood MUST be removed and the TRUTH MUST be made known. I am only telling you the truth. And the TRUTH only hurts the GUILTY.

You and Hakim are FULL SIBLINGS.

Take a paternity test if you don’t believe me. They have them at Target.

And in case you haven’t noticed… You don’t look like him anymore.

You have the same initials, Pumpkin.

GO TO HIS FACEBOOK PROFILE so you can see who he is.
He’s on IG too.

What do you think?

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