بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Beautiful Black Bebies!!!

If You’ve Never Been To New Orleans, You Don’t Know What Life Is…

NEW ORLEANS IS LIFE: Music, Food, Language, Heritage, History – LIFE!!!

I first came to New Orleans in early September, 2015 after TWO YEARS of meeting people who were ALL from New Orleans. I have a VERY STRONG FEELING Zawji is from New Orleans. He visited with his parents one year. And, he went to college out here.

When I first arrived, I wanted to get back on the bus and go home. We were scheduled to arrive Saturday night, so I’m planning on heading straight to the club. But our bus was delayed and we didn’t arrive until early on a gloomy, dismal, overcast and destitute Sunday morning.

As we exited the off-ramp, I took in a deep breath and an image of the city’s homeless and all their belongings perforated under the bridge. It was depressing. But I’ve never been a quitter so I alighted the bus with forced positivity. Zawji brought me here for a reason, right? Let’s get to work!

I determined in my mind to find the Black people and start handing out my fliers.

A building directly across from the bus depot had its address in plain sight on the awning – 1022. That’s Zawji’s birthday and I took it as a positive omen and started walking in that direction.

I came to the city bus layover and one of the buses read “M L King.” Well, everybody knows that M L King Street is ALWAYS in the Black community and since those are the only people I care about, I boarded the bus.

New Orleans is 59.1 per cent Black at the present so it is pretty much entirely a Black city with “a white community.” (smile) So, I rode through the “Black community” and was shocked to see that so many homes were still in a state of disrepair on the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. They would catch me so unprepared that it would bring me to tears.

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina pretty much dominated my first trip to “The Big Easy.” Everybody has a Katrina story and I wanted to hear them all.

I love their accents here and could listen to them talk all day anyway. (smile) But I was particularly interested in the children. One day I met a group of teenagers who were very young during the DELIBERATE LEVEE EXPLOSION.

I will NEVER forget what one Sister told me. She said she thought the world was going to end.

❤ ❤ ❤

Because of Hurricane Katrina, Black People in New Orleans are something that they call “cutthroat.” But it is understandable.

I spend a lot of time in hospitals and one of the nurses told me that Katrina was so bad that the nurses were forced to leave their patients in order to save their own lives!

So, when I tell you that they are “Every man for himself” (at times) please believe me.

I had my tablet/bluetooth keyboard/case AND phone stolen at the SAME TIME by TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE!

They con you into trusting them by telling you some sad story then when you least expect it (usually when you are distracted) they’ve disappeared with your ATM card. LOL

I can laugh about it now. I mean I wasn’t that upset at the time either. They’re just material things and easily replaced, but the injury to my pride at being made such a fool of hurt far worse than the loss of my possessions. I pride myself on my intellect and judge of character so to have been conned like that really smarts.

The guy who took my phone I kind of was suspicious of, but I didn’t think he would REALLY STEAL MY PHONE! LOL He asked me if he could use it. And I’ve had to borrow people’s phones before so I was like Yeah. But he got me.

I actually ran into the Brother who stole my tablet this trip to New Orleans. I said, “Where’s my laptop?” (LOL Shows you how much I cared about it 😛 It was a tablet.) He just acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about and got ghost in a hurry. (smile) I was just happy to see him. LOL

The first time we met he had kept on talking about how people were trying to kill him and now I know WHY!

But I learned… And, I’ll tell you how they do it. If they just touch it, it’s as good as theirs. Even if they put it down again. Somehow, they get the feel of it and they can personalize it. You know, make it look like it’s theirs. Feel like it’s theirs. So, it’s almost natural for them to walk away with it. As soon as your attention is diverted, you look up and it and they are Audi 5000.

A lot of people let news of crime and murder stop them from having a good time. But not me. I fear Allah ONLY and if He LETS you kill me, then I submit because my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are all for ALLAH and you wouldn’t be successful unless He allowed you. So trust in your and my Saviour, Amad-Jamal Allah, and don’t let those news stories frighten you. He Has Power Over All Things.

Don’t be careless but don’t be a coward either.

❤ ❤ ❤

Sickness is a HUGE BUSINESS in New Orleans. They just built a gigantic hospital RIGHT NEXT to TWO other gigantic hospitals. They call it the Medical District. SMH

It’s the food they eat here. They live and die off of eating scavengers – catfish, shrimps, crabs, oysters, crawfish, etc. I once went to about seven different seafood restaurants and the only type of fish they served was catfish! I had never heard of such a thing. In L.A., they ALWAYS have a variety of different kinds of fish. But not in New Orleans. Even at the high end restaurant, when I asked for fish, the first thing the waitress offered me was the filthy catfish. That could have been a racial thing though.

But the people here live off of the scavengers of the sea and land (the poison hog meat), not to mention the alcohol consumption here is at record levels. They have DRIVE-THROUGH DAQUIRI PLACES!!!

I’m sure New Orleans is the only city in the world where it is legal to drink alcohol openly in public. It’s almost a crime if you DON’T!

But I eventually, found food that would give me life and they WON’T put you in jail if you don’t drink. One of the hospitals even prohibits smoking anywhere on the grounds – INCLUDING EMPLOYEES!

So come for the MUSIC. But leave before evil and wicked Mardi Gras. It’s usually in late February/early March.

Visit the Treme’ – The oldest Black Neighborhood in the U.S. and the Birthplace of JAZZ.

The French Quarter can be fun if you can stomach rampant prostitution and drunkenness. :/ Irvin Mayfield’s has live jazz every night of the week. It’s my go-to spot when I feel impetuous jazz.

Then there’s Frenchman’s Street if you just wanna hear a lot of different kinds of sounds. I’m partial to jazz and couldn’t find any there. And I went like three different times. I don’t like to go to events (unless it’s someone I really want to see) that are scheduled. I like to go when I’m in the mood. And Frenchman’s Street left me hanging.

I did come up on a Reggae club which was aight, but onstage was just a man on a mic talking over the music the D.J. was playing and I know that’s how hip-hop started but that was 43 years ago and Coke La Rock WAS RAPPING! If you’re going to do that today at least do it over the break! I was disappointed when I saw what was on the stage. I wanted to see a show!

I did hear some hip-hop coming out of one club but I’m in New Orleans. I wanna hear some JAZZ. I can hear hip-hop anywhere. And it wasn’t even live. :/

❤ ❤ ❤

I did happen to come up on about four different Second-Line parades, which are unique to New Orleans. They originated from the funerals. They would have a brass band play and the entire procession would dance down the street to the burial place. The band was the “second line” after the funeral procession. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

I’ve yet to experience a jazz funeral although I’ve heard about three or four of them. The first one was for a jazz musician and I went to the wake and it was filled with music, but the next day, I could not find the funeral for anything in the world.

I think that was by Divine Design. I don’t think Allah wants me to experience that yet, if at all.

There is this really popular funeral home on Crenshaw that I had been dying (excuse the pun) to see. But I was only able to go inside after a Brother of mine died. Needless to say, I wished I had never been.

Nowadays, there are Second Lines for all types of celebrations. I came upon a Second Line in The French Quarter one night after passing by a wedding reception for a Black couple that looked like it ran into the millions of dollars.

This Second Line was so joyous and happy that it depressed me. I had never seen such joy in all my 45 years of life. It was Tremazing. I wish I could find the words to express the joy and happiness that EVERYBODY in the Second Line was feeling. It was beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

The only thing I can liken it to is life in the Hereafter, after the destruction of this wicked devil Caucasian race and those that follow them that only the righteous will experience. This incredible Second Line was close to my idea of what The Holy Qur’an describes as that “which no eye has seen, ear has heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man.” I certainly had no idea that SO MANY PEOPLE could EVER be so happy.

There are Second Lines for birthday parties and most of the social and pleasure clubs have annual Second Lines during Second Line Season.

❤ ❤ ❤

Another thing about New Orleans which distinguishes it from other cities is the abundance of water. Driving in to the city, you travel for miles surrounded by water.

I couldn’t understand why nobody cuts through the grass when walking. Until I found myself covered in mud one day. SMH Water is everywhere.

I think that has a lot to do with the preponderance of Voodou here too. I don’t know. I mean I used to think so more than I do now. I believe I’ve had a positive effect on the unholy practice.

I’ve been in spiritual battles and always come out victorious because Voodou is based on Islam. They just pray to the devil and we pray to the ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD – ALLAH. So we can never be defeated.

New Orleans is a very secretive city. It’s called “The Crescent City” most probably because of Masons. Their police cars have a star and crescent on them.


They have Indians and voodou priests, priestesses, kings and queens, dancers and all sorts of secret societies that you would never know who anybody is because when you see them they have on masks and costumes.


You could work with a Brother and one day see a very prominent figure in a Second Line Parade dancing and leading the parade who looks JUST like the Brother from work, but you would never know because he’s wearing a mask. And how do you ask? “Ahem, Brother? Was that you in the Second Line Parade Friday Night in the Quarter?”  Seriously? How lame is that?

❤ ❤ ❤

My first impression of New Orleans was that it is kind of like a “boy city” with lizards and dragonflies, alligators, frogs and tadpoles and whatnot. While L.A. is sunshine, rainbows, butterflies and roses. I didn’t like that too much at first. But I’ve always been somewhat of a “tomboy.” Never afraid of spiders and fascinated by lizards and tadpoles, so the city has really grown on me.

There is so much water here that the cemetery plots are above ground. If we bury them, inevitably flood water will wash up the bodies. So the dead are “buried” in concrete blocks above the earth.


The Mighty Mississippi runs adjacent to The French Quarter or The Vieux Carre (Old Square) and it is by far the most romantic place I’ve ever seen and I’m from L.A., where we have the Beach! But there’s this RIVERWALK and the first time I went was at night and I found it completely by chance so that probably accounts for a great deal of the romance.

I couldn’t find a picture that accurately depicts the romance (at night). But this is at dawn and it’s close.


Then again, I haven’t been to the beach at night since the nineties, so I could be mistaken. 😉

❤ ❤ ❤

There’s also this enormous lake which is almost like the beach because you can’t see the end of it. It’s criss-crossed by the longest causeway in the world, so that kind of takes away from it’s charm, but there are waves and the ebb and flow is hypnotic.

I can do stuff like people read tea leaves and tarot cards and whatnot. And I get messages from the flow of the waves, so I really dig it. It’s super romantic too and there’s less people than at the river.

One day I was at the river, looking out over the water, thinking about and missing Zawji immeasurably and I started crying. Do you know I looked up and this devil was taking my picture? I ignored him and turned my head, but when I turned back around, he had knelt down RIGHT NEXT TO ME with his frigging camera right in my face. I had to leave. Needless to say, you won’t have to worry about that at the river… LOL

This is what it looks like where I go, near Bayou St. John. But I would have taken a picture of the benches and trees that are next to the water too. Also, not the curve.


I like scenes that are uninterrupted like the horizon and I made a video one day, but that was live on Facebook. Let me see if I can post it.

I’m sure New Orleans is close to the equator. Okay, I just googled it and it’s not as close as I thought considering how tropical the weather feels to me. I mean it’s unbelievable. It makes me think of what a tropical rainforest would feel like.

My first trip here, I was in a restaurant and I noticed it had started raining. So I got out my handy-dandy umbrella but was caught totally off-guard when I opened the door and was met with a gust of WARM wind. LOL It was Tremazing and completely unexpected. There is no feeling in the world like WARM RAIN. I love it! I love the humidity period. I love water, so I’m right at home in New Orleans. The weather is nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced.

I’m going to tell my son to invent a way I can take the weather with me wherever I go. Invent a little fold-up card I can carry in my purse and whenever I want to feel New Orleans weather, I can just unfold it and step into it and be transported here like, “Lapeitah!” (That’s one of the voodou “magic” words. LOL but SMH) It’s more like “ALLAHU AKBAR!!!”

Why not? Anything the Blackman (or woman) can conceive he can achieve! He is the God of the Universe and the Creator of everything of good in it!

But… until then, take the bus, or a train or plane, streetcar,


(New Orleans has the oldest streetcar line in the world. The St. Charles on the right.)

taxicab, car, bicycle, walk or hang glide, whatever, but hightail your little self down to New Orleans and get you some red beans and rice or jambalaya WITH NO PORK! and Laissez les bons temps rouler!!! (Let the good times ROLL!!!)

What do you think?

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