بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Sisters and Brothers,


This NOTE is really for my Beautiful Asiatic Black Sisters but my Brothers need to be made aware of this fundamental Truth as well.


The reason why Allah (God) Created Black People (He didn’t create any of the races. They were MADE from the Black NATION) WAS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF WORSHIPPING HIM AND SUBMITTING TO HIS WILL. THIS IS THE REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE, Brothers and Sisters.


If you are NOT submitting to Allah’s (God’s) Will then, My Dear Sister or My Dear Brother, you are not living according to the NATURE in which you were Created. You are living other-than-your-ownself. Submit to Allah, Accept Your Own (Your Own God – Allah, Your Own Religion – Islam, and your Own People – The Black Peoples of the Planet Earth) and Be Yourself, Dear Brothers and Sisters, a Righteous Muslim.


Muslim only means, “One Who Submits His or Her Will to the Will of Allah.” 


This is the NATURE in which all Black People were Created, but we were taken out of this Knowledge by our devil slavemasters who did not teach us the TRUTH of ourselves in order to make us some harmless slaves. 


But Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom and Mercy, Came Himself, Dear Brothers and Sisters, to Return to Us the Knowledge of Ourselves and to Give us the Opportunity to Escape the Impending Destruction Coming Upon America.




Our Sole Reason for Being is to Submit to Allah. This goes for ALL Black People. Other races can PRACTICE Islam, but this is not their NATURE. Our Beloved Messenger, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him) taught us that because of their faith “a remnant of them will be saved” from the destruction. However, they will only live a thousand (1,000) years after the destruction. After that time, the Earth will, once again, only be populated by The Aboriginal Black Nation, as it was in the beginning.


ALL BLACK PEOPLE WERE CREATED TO SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF ALLAH, however Black Women were Created to submit to the Blackman as well. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we will all be in Heaven AT ONCE.


The Devil Caucasians have removed us so far away from our nature that it is shameful. Black Women are competing with the very man we were created to HELP. We have followed the devil woman’s ways to the detriment of our own Holy and Righteous Black Nation.


Sisters, we are the progenitors of our Nation. If we are acting other than our own Nature, then the children we produce will be wayward also.


The only reason we are on this planet, other than submitting to the Will of Allah, is to be a Helpmate to the Blackman, who is the Builder and Maintainer of Our Civilization and Nation. That’s all.


I know you don’t want to hear this but we have gone so far astray that it takes a powerful teaching to return us to our Rightful Place – On Top of Civilization. We cannot accomplish this by following after a people who were made to destroy us – the devil Caucasians.


We were made to comfort the Blackman, Sisters. Rear his children. Keep his house clean. Cook his food. Wash his clothes. So he can focus on providing us with the necessities of life – FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER as well as a Holy and Righteous Nation (Infrastructure) in which we can be proud to call our own.


Let’s try and be the best at this Divine Purpose as we can, Beloved Sisters.


And to my Dear Brothers, please don’t believe this hype that is circulating amongst Black so-called Intellectuals that the Blackwoman is God. This is only an attempt at diverting you from your own responsibilities as the God of the Universe. Yes, life comes from woman, but not the FIRST LIFE – The Originator of the Universe and Everything in it was a BLACKMAN – ALLAH – THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD – AGAIN, THE B.L.A.C.K.M.A.N IS GOD. 


The Blackwoman is his HELPMATE.




  1. Hello Love. This is Mona. I lost my phone and all contacts. We met at Popeyes I need help still and I just remembered your site if you get this please call me
    562 302 9715. I can offer
    1😃😃 a wk.

    1. As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Sister Simona!

      I’m in New Orleans now.
      I don’t know WHEN I’m gonna be back in L.A.
      I would love to look after your darling little Angels for you. But Allah Has Other Plans for me (and YOU too) right now.

      Try and arrange it so you can homeschool your babies.

      YOU!!! Mommy!!!

      You are their FIRST and BEST Teacher.

      You can learn sign language and any other language WITH THEM!

      That’s how I learned – teaching my son.

      You can find everything you need to teach them on the Internet.


      Love You,
      As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum

      I’ll call you when I come back to L.A., In Sha Allah (If It Pleases Allah).
      Stay posted to my blog. I’ve started putting the city I’m writing from at the top of the blog.

      May Allah Bless You And Your Darling Angels.

      As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum,
      Your Sister,
      ~ Love Allah ~

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