Man of Sin

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Man of Sin

“The man of sin referred to in the Bible (II Thessalonians 2:3) is now being revealed. He is the devil in person, who was made of sin, not any good was in the essence that he was from. Since he was made of sin, what good can one expect of the man of sin?

“Why has he (the man of sin) been hidden from the eyes of the righteous people and only revealed today? The answer is: How could the man of sin rule the righteous for six thousand years if he had not been veiled to prevent the discovery of his true self?

“According to II Thessalonians 2:9, the man of sin had a work to do and God wouldn’t interfere with this work of the man of sin until the time given him was fully up.

“The eighth verse in II Thessalonians reads that the Lord shall consume with the Spirit (of Truth of the man of sin) of his mouth, and shall destroy with the Brightness of His Coming, which means that the truth of the man of sin is clearly made by God that there can be no doubt that he is really the man of sin who has caused and is causing all the trouble among the righteous. He (the man of sin) is a great deceiver, liar and a murderer by nature.”

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