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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




March 19, 2017
(My Birthday Day!!!! HBDD ME!!!!)

7:10 P.M.


I was gonna write a blog, but it’s easier to just write you. I have to do so much to prepare the blog and I messed up so I had to start all over so I was like forget it, I’ll just write you and then put it into a blog.
So, how are you, Sweet Zawji? On the bus ride home I saw the same lady I saw yesterday or whatever day I caught the bus. There are so few people who catch the bus that it is inevitable that you’ll see the same people (riders and drivers). She asked me if you were my Brother. I said yes, you were my Brother, my husband, my father, my son, my everything. She said she understood. 🙂 Then I thought, “There’s a word for that – ZAWJI” But I didn’t tell her.  I didn’t want to confuse her after she understood. LOL
I had a really good time at the Congo Square Festival despite the copious amount of devils. I left before I got nauseous.
But I was really surprised to see the babies. I did not know there were so many youth learning how to play brass band! It was encouraging! They came all the way from Baton Rouge and other cities. It was beautiful. I got a picture of this baby playing a trombone and the trombone was bigger than he was. I got a picture. BRB Okay my laptop be trippin’, right?
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
I tried tried tried to get some video of him playing. He knew what he was doing. I mean he knew when to come in and everything. He couldn’t have been more than three but he was blowing that bone! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! It reminded me of when Uncle Mike was teaching me how to play the trombone and he told me to use my foot to reach the low notes. LOL That baby was so cute. I hate I couldn’t get any video.
Anyway, I saw all the youth and it was so exciting to see them with all their instruments. I started talking to this brother, I didn’t even really comprehend that he was wearing a tuba until later. He was so cute and BIG! He was probably around Ibni’s age. Maybe younger. I should have asked but I think he liked me. It’s such a trip, these babies can be my grandchildren almost and they ask me how old I AM! LOL But anyway, I was taking a break from the devils and I heard the students playing. One group sounded so good I had to go see who they were. Why was it the brother with the tuba and his band. They were GOOD!!!!!!! The competition didn’t do them justice. I think their bandleader chose the wrong song (Part-Time Lover :/ seriously! For a BRASS BAND? Out of all the songs you could have chosen… But they were still good. The announcer kept talking over the tuba whenever his solo came up. It was so frustrating. For me, anyway 😛 )
I left after they finished. I’m glad I stayed. I hope he saw me because I told him I would try and catch their number.
I got some videos but I’m just going to post the links to facebook. I’ma start with this first one. It’s a video I made of some of the vendors and me getting into it with this “Brew” LOL That’s what I’ma call them now. “Brews” ROFL
These others are the student bands. I’ma start with the Brother who I met.
This group opened the show. They turned out to be really good too.
This was me getting into the mix with all the young musicians. I was pretty upset because a devil was over the whole thing. :/
This was my intro to the fest. I saw an interesting insect and broke out the camera to document it. I didn’t know I would be seeing them the rest of the day. I love insects and nature and this was Allah’s way of introducing me to the day I was in store for. Allahu Akbar.
I didn’t even miss missing Corey and the Birth. The birth has fifteen more minutes to perform but I left way before Corey even came on. I got disgusted when the TBC brought a devil up on the stage with them. I figured if I couldn’t take that, I knew I couldn’t take Corey. He always has devils in his band. So, I just broke.
But I got my fill of Brass bands for the day. When I first got there, this drummer had all Black people in his band and he was paying tribute to this elder named “Uganda” – a conguero. I danced my behind off a little. I REALLY enjoyed their set, until he got up and got nasty. Then I left. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like him because I had seen him on yt when he was supposed to perform at a thing and I googled him first. He seemed to love devils. And today, he kept cursing. So when he got from behind the drums, I should have left. But I don’t realize how disgusting people can be sometimes and I end up getting a rude awakening.
I saw Broke too.
I know he saw me but he wanted me to come up to him so he acted like he didn’t see me. He was standing there with a devil woman and I had had enough of him. So, I just ignored him. He really thought I was going to come up to him AGAIN while he was talking to a devil. I can’t believe I’m even writing about it. LOL He’s pathetic. Come fresh.
I forgot I was writing you, Baby. I was in blogmode.
Did you or are you having a good day? It’s only 5 in L.A. but I guess the day is pretty much done there too. Not really though, because of the time change. I’m still getting used to these long days. It’s still light here.
I decided not to go see the sunrise tomorrow because I still don’t have a key and I would have to wake somebody up to lock the door. 😦 That sucks because I really want to see it. I could go to my spot and sleep there and see it but……. it’s not that serious. I’ll see it again when the time is right, soon come, In sha Allah
Why did the emcee at the fest look and sound just like a Nola Def Jef. I mean it could’ve been him. I haven’t seen him in a long time and he could have moved to Nola and picked up an accent in that time. I mean Faith did it. 😛 He looked JUST like him.
I saw a Brother who looked JUST like Bilal (Red) too. I almost went up and gave him the greetings! I had to look at him a long time to determine if it was him or not. It was only because I’m in NOLA that finally convinced me that it couldn’t be him. But I don’t know why. I know I’m not the only person who travels. It just would’ve been a mighty big coincidence. I didn’t want to see him anyway.
I am REALLY feeling this song Let me try to embed it.
It has JOE written all over it. I need some chocolate. I think I’m gonna walk to the store. Have a beautiful night, Zawji. I love you.

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