1000 Hugs and Kisses

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
That song is the bomb but I hate that he has to wait for her to come back home. I mean, really? Where the hell is she???
I would never leave you alone waiting for me to come home, Baby.
I would be there whenever you are there.
I mean.
I AM your home.
I truly hate how this society has our women so messed up.
I feel so sorry for the Brothers.
I’m making a difference though.
Al Hamdulillah!!!!
I feel like the Messenger (PBUH) must have felt whenever he recognized progress.
Like when we’re finally reunited.

This song reminds me so much of when we first met. (smile)
I never knew…. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
I can’t imagine how that’s going to feel. I mean a little bit because I remember how good it felt to see you at Paradise 24. I wonder what the 24 was for? You’ll tell me one day. I was only 17. LOL Wow! 17!????!!! I thought I was so grown! 17!!!!!! 17!!!!!!! I can’t believe that. I was still a teenager!!!! I thought I was so grown! But I’ve always thought I was grown. I remember I must’ve been about nine and told my cousins I was too old to play with Strawberry Shortcake. That was a good idea for a toy though. Make it smell good. I’m very auditory? Is that smell oriented? Let me G it. BRB I think that’s hearing. I wanna say oracle or something. Maybe auricle. Hmmmmm spell check didn’t come up. BRB It’s OLFACTORY. I was close. 🙂 Your Bay is so intelligent. 🙂
So, Sweet Zawji, how was your day? Did you do something fun and exciting? I know it’s not over yet. But we’re past the apex. It’s only 3 in L.A. I wonder if you’re even in L.A.
I found out Brother Jabari lives in Baton Rouge. I wonder what brought him out here. He’s still a class A jerk. He sent me an invitation to “Minister Eric’s” page. I can’t believe he’s still with him. But some Brothers think they gotta curse to be hard. That’s just a show. I feel like all I gotta do is hit you in the mouth and you’ll stop cursing. That’s what they need. A good kick to the jaw. Their mouths are filthy. They look so unrefined in the eyes of the wise.
I know I used to curse, but at least I’ve grown past that stage in life.
Queens and Kings don’t use filthy language. Much less Gods and Goddesses.
I’m really feeling like being the “clean glass.” I’m at that point now. Where I’m not speaking so much. Just putting up a clean glass.
We’re getting close. That’s another sign. Growth. Progress!!!!!!! I see it.
I have this picture in my mind where I’m like a Disney Princess and you are my King. We’re holding hands (chest level) and pressing close to each other looking deeply into each other’s eyes.
I just have to change our clothes to our uniforms. I might as well put on the fez, since I’m dreaming. 🙂
I’ve always wanted one. Even though the headpiece, imo, is more feminine. The fez seems more military. But I picture those three Sisters and they ALL had on the fez and they looked very distinguished. It’s more like a crown.
So, I guess, since I’m the queen I had better wear the crown.
Funny, I never pictured myself in one. I want to draw a picture now. (smile)
I’ve been wanting to draw for a minute. But have not gotten out my art supplies. I wanted to use my new colored pens, but if I’m going to be drawing us, I need my brown and I only have that in pencils and maybe crayons. But we’re only supposed to use colored pencils. So I guess I’ll use the pencils.
I want to listen to the Messenger and draw now. In sha Allah, it will come out good enough for me to take a photo and send to you.
How do you like my kisses??? I feel good sending you kisses when you need them. Like I’m doing my job.
I’m in love with you…. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
I’m glad I bought this body oil.
When I move back to L.A.
Crack it Open
I’ll Be
Transported to The French Quarter
I’m so silly.
I didn’t call the Sister today though.
She didn’t call me either.
She must know I’m not gonna take it.
At least not yet.
I’m going going back back to L.A. L.A., foo!
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



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