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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum My Beautiful and Beloved Asiatic Black Brothers and Sisters in the Wilderness of North America

Man, oh man! My life is so unusual. I mean, even more than my life usually is!

I’m living homeless in Santa Monica and it’s crazy because Zawji’s facebook page says (or said) he lives out here too.

I’m not here because of him though.

I’m here because it’s the best place to be.

I even have a (310) area code on my Obama phone.

I had to let T-Mobile go after ten years due to Social Security cutting off my crazy check. But I’m grateful to have a phone.

California is so dope. Our Obamaphones are smartphones. In Atlanta, they only have the flip phones and I don’t even recall seeing them giving them away in NOLA.

And Santa Monica is the dopest of all because the whole city has WiFi. You don’t have to go to the library or a coffeeshop. But the computer gods pick and choose who can get logged in.

It was a while before I was able to get plugged in but now it’s on and crackin’.

So, there’s so much to do out here!

First, the BEACH!!!

I got so dark, I hardly recognized myself when I looked in the mirror.

I love to play in the sand and I had seen men bathing in the ocean water but never realized what a positive effect it has on your skin.

My legs are so silky smooth. I’ve always had nice legs but now! There is something about the ocean water that is good for your skin.

I only got in all the way twice because I don’t like the salty water taste. It is supersaturated almost with salt. And I don’t like it.

I like to walk on the shore and play with the incoming waves.

It’s crazy because I’ve been coming out here since Easter and during the week it was pretty empty but now! The parking lot is full all the time and I’ve NEVER seen that in my entire life.

I saw a Black family have to walk the bike trail just to get to their car! And this was like a TUESDAY!!!

At first, it used to piss me off because I like to be alone with the beach and the water and the sun and the birds and things but now, I just get my beach time in early in the morning before the crowds arrive.

I like watching the Sunset too. It is so beautiful.

I never fully realized how beautiful the beach is. I mean. We’ve got the beach (sand), the pier (the ferris wheel), the waves breaking, the ocean, the sky. There are just so many dimensions to the beauty.

Everyone should put Visit the Pacific Ocean on their bucket list. I’ve only seen it from California and Hawaii but I’m sure it’s beautiful from any location.

The past couple of nights, I caught some good entertainment. The night before last there was the cutest Black couple. They must’ve been in their fifties but they were so cute. They were singing and dancing and I just loved them. I got some video but I’m going to have to figure out how to add it later, In sha Allah. Click HERE

Then last night there was this group of Black teenage boys dancing. They were so cute but I was more impressed that they were all BLACK. Usually, they are interracial and you know how I hate that.

But they performed to “Flashlight” LOL And it was so cute watching these little babies do dances we used to do in High School. They were good though. I got video of them too. In sha Allah later…

Click HERE to see the video

Then there’s the Third Street Promenade!

I’m taking my time going into all the shops. My favorites are Anthropologie, Armani Exchange, Urban Outfitters, Converse (where you can design and make your own shoes!), Adidas and some others I can’t think of right now. Adidas has a golf line for men that I absolutely adore.

Why is there an “It’s Sugar” store on the Promenade now? LOL I thought I left my addiction in New Orleans!

There is good entertainment on the Promenade too.

Oh My God! Last year or so ago, there was this Sister singing Opera and I didn’t really listen to her. I just supported her because she was Black. But I got a chance to really listen to her and she just blew my mind. I love opera and she is top notch. Her high notes were off the register. And she just sounded so beautiful. She’s up there with Kathleen but she doesn’t LOOK like Kathleen which is why she is blessing us with her talent on the Promenade. She’s usually there for the Farmer’s Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays from like 9-1.

One day I was there and I saw this old devil woman setting up. She had a sign with her name. I think she spells it like this: Sh’herezad. And you know that is the name of the woman who wrote 1001 Arabian Nights or whatever that book is called. So, I was like whatever. She’s just trying to steal our history and culture like devils always do.

But one night I heard someone singing “All of Me” and I went for a closer look and it was her. But it seemed that she only sang that song to get my attention because as soon as she had it she stopped singing and just started playing some Arabian music and dancing. I was captured.

I think she’s a gypsy. But she has Arabic writing on one of her signs and the bulk of her audience is Muslims.

Oh let me say this. Muslims have taken over the Promenade. I would say 75 per cent of the people are Middle Eastern.

And one night they just took over her whole show. It was Abdullah’s birthday. And Muslims don’t celebrate birthdays but I guess being in America…

Anyway, they had taken over her bluetooth and were choosing the songs and dancing. One of the Sisters came over to me and pulled me in with their group and we just danced.

Then when it was time to go, another one of the Sisters came up to me and outstretched her hand to introduce herself. I shook her hand and she slipped me forty dollars. Low key.

That was the coolest move ever.

There are some other good performers like this guy who I think does the music for Sh’herezad. They act like they’re not together but the similarities are just too apparent for them not to be.

I think they’re gypsies like I said. I didn’t know gypsies were Muslims. But I don’t know much about gypsies. I think they are like the entertaining Muslims. Let me G them. BRB I didn’t find anything to verify my claim that they’re Muslims. Under religion, it listed just about every religion, including Islam. But Idk. I wanted to talk to her but she was rude to me and acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked about this song she plays all the time. So, now I’m like whatever.

I try to catch the sunset everyday. But I never know where I’m going to be.

I have a spot I go to at night and it’s really cool. But last night why did this woman try to take over my spot?!!!? I was like Un-uh. You got to go. So I started banging on the door and she got mad and called the police on me.

But the police see me there all the time and know me (kinda), so they ended up making her leave which is all I wanted in the first place.

If I gave her a pass then everybody would be trying to come and you can’t do that when you’re trespassing. If a lot of people come, the police will make everybody leave, so I had to handle her myself.

I could not believe the nerve she had to try and take over my space and then call the police on ME! Justice served.

I finally rescued LuLu from the Union Rescue Mission. We’ve been traveling around SaMo and just enjoying life.

I have no plans. No goals. Just living and enjoying life. Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, said, “Life is a Park” so I’m just going to play and have fun.

I’m already planning my next trip to New Orleans. But I go to court next month to change my name. And I want to get my new I.D. before I go. So probably not until September/October. Which will be cool because the hot weather will be over but it will still be hurricane season. I’m not afraid but I don’t know why I always end up in New Orleans during hurricane season. :/

So cheah.

I’m just writing now while I have access to a computer. It is bittersweet not having my laptop anymore. I go through phases where I give all my stuff (burdens) away. Hence, no laptop. But now I have to wait until I can get to a computer to write. Upside is I don’t have to carry my laptop everywhere I go. I’m really trying to keep my burdens light.

When I met Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, He Only Was Carrying A Messenger Bag. Not even a change of clothes. So, I’m trying to really travel light.

I’ll probably get another laptop one day, In sha Allah. But who knows?

In the meantime – See you when I see you! 😉


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