24 Little Hours

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Beloved And Beautiful Asiatic Black Bebies!

I had a wonderful day yesterday and I pray you all had just as wonderful a day as I did. It started out wonderful and ended even more wonderful!

You know how I missed the Sunrise, right? Well after I left “The Club” (I call it the “Club” now instead of the Center because I overheard the receptionist on the phone talking to potential new members and she was telling them that we aren’t accepting any new members until next month. Which made me feel like I was part of an exclusive club that only a certain privileged few were allowed to enter. 

Nevermind that they don’t really help you find housing and after they get you on their list [which I know they give over to donors], you’re pretty much on your own. But, I am extremely grateful for all of the resources available to me. And consider myself very lucky to have a place like this to spend my time. Allahu Akbar!)

… I went straight to the beach. I went down the Promenade just to see what was cracking. I like to ride up the Promenade and ride down the beach. I stopped at this spot where the founder of Santa Monica used to sit every day and watch the Sunset.

I think it is the nicest point of view to see the Sunset and yesterday was exceptionally beautiful. There is a monument to him where you can sit without being observed by all the passers-by. I had passed by the spot scores of times before I ever noticed it.

I took so many pictures yesterday because I thought it couldn’t get any better but it stayed and kept getting more beautiful until the sky was gray and the color from the Sun was completely gone from the sky.

It lasted much longer than the actual Sunset.

It was so beautiful that I didn’t mind all of the people who came and crowded my spot to witness the wonder of Allah’s Creation.

I have an uncanny talent for finding “the spot.” I find a spot that no one is paying attention to and within five minutes it’s swarming with people. Depending on my mood, I may get annoyed and go find another spot, or I may just take it all in stride and offer to take pictures of people so they can all be in the photo. 😉

I made a video too. It’s uploading onto YouTube. I’ve decided to go back to an old way I had of uploading videos since I don’t have my laptop anymore. It just takes forever. So whenever it’s finished, I’ll try to catch up and add the many videos I’ve taken to enhance your reading, In sha Allah.

OMG! Why when I was on the Promenade I decided to look into Champs for “old times sake?” There used to be a “Champs” in the Beverly Center when me and Beaux used to work there and I seem to recall buying all of our kicks from there.

Anyway, there is a store right next door to Champs that I’ve always admired the outfits in the display window but never went inside. I felt like I wasn’t supposed to because the outfits are rather revealing.

So, I went into Champs first and they have the best selection of cute tennis shoes than any other the other athletic gear stores I’ve been in (Adidas, Converse and Foot Locker). I haven’t been in the Nike store or Foot Action yet. But Champs is cool because you can get any brand there and their selection of cute shoes was the best.

But I had never seen a $200.00 pair of tennis shoes before. I have expensive tastes and the shoe I picked up was $200.00. It was the same style I had seen at the Adidas store but I wasn’t looking at prices back then. At Champs, you can’t miss the price tag. It’s right there, like BAM! LOL

So, after I left Champs, I was drawn into the store next door. I kind of don’t want to tell you the name because the clothes in that store were so slutty. But I LOVED it! LOL

I mean, when you’re married, why you can’t dress like a slut at home for your Zawji’s eyes only? For real though?

Those clothes were so cute! But every time I pulled an outfit out to get a better look, it was always slit on the side, or the midriff was missing or something equally as slutty. I was embarrassed every time! LOL But I couldn’t stop looking. SMH

I couldn’t believe somebody actually designed and made those clothes to be sold and for someone to BUY!!!

It wasn’t long before I found the cutest outfit in the entire store, but I didn’t have anything else to do so I kept looking.

I made a joke with the salesgirl after finding a green and white short in the front, long in the back dress that she was returning to the stock. I said, you can buy it and wear to church on Easter. LOL

You know those women in churches dress like thots. Not so at the Temple of Islam. We will give you something to cover up with. You won’t be sitting in front of our Minister trying to tempt him and disgracing the True House of Allah (God).

Then some sequins caught my eye. And I like sequins so I pulled it out and why was it a purple, gold and green dress. I immediately thought Mardi Gras and had to take a picture.

I did even better and went Live on Facebook. Let me see if I can post the video or a link. BRB

Gotta click “Watch on Facebook” if you want to see the dress.

So, after I had looked at all the slutty clothes, I went back to the best outfit in the whole store (it reminded me of Forever 21 but sluttier LOL) and I thought, “You’re not going to buy it, but why not try it on??? Hee hee hee”

So, I’ve learned that alot of times, clothes can look cute on the hanger but it’s a totally different story when you actually put it on, and vice versa.

There used to be this company of male designers in Leimert and one time I was at their headquarters and this Brother showed me this dress. It looked like a big denim sock with the foot cut out. LOL And I was like, Ewww, this thing is ugly. But he convinced me to put it on and it looked so good. It was stretch denim and hugged every little curve I had back then. LOL I didn’t show him but it just illustrated to me that you have to try every thing on before you buy it because it might not look right once you get it on, and vice versa.

So, this outfit was so cute. It was a black, low v-neck, spaghetti-strapped leotard that was overlaid with heavy lace. The lace continued where the leotard ended and it was like a see-through ankle-length black lace dress.

So, yesterday after I finished the blog, I sent Beaux a song.

Because remember he had sent me that text saying he had no idea who I was?

I wasn’t ready to tell him yet so I sent the song and even I was kind of annoyed that all she says is, “Me” or something but doesn’t say who “me” is. Sorry Beaux, but I wasn’t ready yet.

So, when I tried on the outfit, I made a video and decided that was how I was going to let him know it was me, right? Wrong. When I tried to send it later on that night, my Obamaphone wouldn’t let me attach the video. 😦 I even trimmed it until it was half as long (about 14 seconds). I tried to take a screenshot, a little. Not really. I mean, I might still try and do something with it, but my battery was dying so maybe later today, In sha Allah. Maybe if I edit it down to ten seconds…

So, why when I went into the dressing room, they were all empty, but when I came out there was a line? I told you I always find the hot spot. Hell, I think I am the Hot Spot!

Then, I give my outfit to the saleslady and go to leave the store. When I look at the place on the wall where the outfit was, why were there none left? And there had been about four or five of them!

I wish I could post the video (kind of, but not really LOL) so you can see how cute it is, but I’m in it. LOL Sorry

So, then I went to see the Sunset.

After the Sunset, I was in a oh wait, let me see if it finished uploading BRB

I might post the pictures too.

So, then I found out I had more food stamps than I thought. Oh, tell me why is the picture on the California EBT card, the place in Malibu where I almost drowned? Actually, it’s the place I was trying to get to when I almost drowned. :/

But that just goes to show how beautiful it is. I would post a picture but this computer won’t let me. Maybe later on my phone, In sha Allah.

Just click here.

I know it’s the same place because, if you look closely, you can see the Paradise Cove pier.

So, to celebrate the food stamp “surplus” I decided to go get some ice cream. And I really like Ralph’s better than Vons now, because Ralph’s says “Thank you, loyal customer” or something like that, and that makes me feel appreciated. So even though Vons is closer, I rode all the way back to the Club to go to Ralph’s, which is right down the street and who makes me feel like they appreciate my patronage.

There is also this park I found out about and wanted to find, just because I’m homeless and parks are one of the few places (public) homeless people can go without being hairy-assed. LOL

They are having a Jazz Summer Concert Series next month and I wanted to go until I saw out of all the four acts, there is only one BLACK person! In a JAZZ Concert Series! That is disturbing. So, I probably won’t go even though one of the groups specializes in New Orleans jazz. I know it’s just going to piss me off.

So, I got some ice cream and tried to find the park. I couldn’t find it but I did find the Santa Monica Arts Center, where there are all these fine art galleries. They look so expensive. They have auctions. Rich people live in Santa Monica, I’m discovering.

So, since I couldn’t find the new park, I went to an old park I really like that has a Library, and it’s so crazy because it’s only about a block away from Santa Monica College (where “The Parkers” and everybody else who lives in L.A. went to college LOL) but I never knew there was a public library right there.

Anyway, I got to listen to basketballs, which is one of my favorite sounds. I love the way basketballs sound when they bounce. I especially love the sound of the “swoosh” when it’s nothing but net. This court was outdoors, but the sound of tennis shoes as they squeak on the court makes me feel some kinda way.

I read Miles’ autobiography and he liked the sound of basketball games too. He mentioned how quiet it would get in the gym when the ball traveled from the shooter’s hand to the time it made or missed the basket.

The sound of the rim when the basketball hits it (brick) is like scratching a chalkboard to me almost.

I should have stayed at that park. I had a premonition that it was time to find a new spot. When you’re homeless, you have to keep it moving. But I had grown accustomed to my spot, so back I went.

I still felt like riding around, and took the long way “home.”

I went down Pico towards the beach but had to turn off when I neared a place that held bad memories for me.

I turned down 14th Street and why did I come across a cemetery!?!? For some reason, Allah likes me to visit cemeteries, so when I saw the gate was wide open, after visiting New Orleans, where they lock the cemeteries so they can charge you for tours, I had to go in.

It was pitch black and so creepy and scary! I LOVED it! There were tall trees lining the path and they overshadowed it making it even darker and scarier. But I had to.

I rode slowly through the cemetery. I don’t know what time it was, maybe about nine thirty. And all I kept thinking was,  “I’m surrounded by dead bodies.” That was a weird feeling. But I kept going. It was so quiet and peaceful, I thought about spending the night there, but it was too dark and I didn’t feel safe. I thought I saw somebody who had already decided to sleep there, but I think it was just a sleeping bag or some other bulky something or another. I didn’t stop to inspect.

So, I rode through and came out a little further down. It was so weird because I had been over there before on the back street. It was directly across the street from Santa Monica College but the entrance was on a side street. So going down the main streets on the side, you would never know there was a cemetery right there.

I thought it was a golf course when I had seen it before.

So, I’m still riding and I come across a park. And you know I love parks. So, I decided to ride through. I had been on the other side when I was feeling particularly bad about being homeless and don’t really have good memories about that side.

But this side had a gym and so I had to look inside and see all the Brothers.

It was tiny and there was only one Brother.


But I rode farther into the park and discovered a “skate park”/”bike park”

I had never seen anything like what I saw before.

There was a deep pit that looked too deep to even climb out of but there it was.

So there were bikers all around and I love watching sports. I can’t help it. I know Sport And Play Keep One’s Mind off of Allah, so I try to stave off the attraction.

But they were right there. I do the same thing with skaters. I love the sound of skateboards almost as much as basketballs. And I like to sportscast, like we’re on T.V. It’s so fun. But I know girls aren’t supposed to do that kind of stuff.

So, I got out my camera and as soon as I got it going, he got out of the pit. :/

So, I rode around the park just a little bit more, then I pushed to the spot.

Why were there these devil teenagers RIGHT next to my bench, acting devilish?

I moved to another bench.

And got comfortable and eventually fell asleep.

Why did later, I feel someone tapping me? I thought it was the police, so I was like, “WHAT!?!”

It was some devil asking me if I needed any money, a dollar or something.

That’s the thing about being so conspicuous. Even though I was completely wrapped in my blankets from head to toe, (why did I pick up some white jail blankets at the Club? LOL) I know he recognized Lu. I’m kind of cute and I know a lot of these men would like to have me.

But I’m Beaux’s, so I was like, “All I need is for you to leave me alone!

He would not leave, so I was like, “Just put the dollar in the basket on my bike!”

I heard him reach in and then get on a skateboard and leave.

After a while, I looked in my basket, but there was no dollar. Devils.

But, as if that was predicting what was going to happen later, at about 4:40 a.m., somebody else is tapping me on my shoulder. This time it really was the po-pos. I knew I should have stayed at the other park. :/

But I just went to the pier and looked at what a difference a day had made in the beach. Whereas, last night was beautiful, colorful and sunny, this morning was gray and drab.

But it was still beautiful! All Praise is due to Allah!




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