Beauty Natural


In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful


The Original Woman

“The Original Woman is the Asiatic Blackwoman. Mother of Civilization, Queen of the Planet Earth. The Most Prized Possession of Allah. The Most Beautiful of the Completion of Allah’s Creation.”

– The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Asiatic Blackwomen!

You, Blackwoman, are the Most Beautiful of the Completion of Allah’s Creation. The Most Beautiful! Allah (God) Has Completed His Creation. And, You Are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Of Everything That Was Created; As You Are; By Nature. You Are Naturally the Most Beautiful… Without Make-Up… And Without Treating Your Hair To Make It Other Than It Is Naturally….

Make-up is for women who were not born with the natural coloring in their skin that will make them naturally beautiful. They have to “make-up” for what is missing. The Black woman has that beautiful color in her skin that makes her shine. Whether she be honey-colored or ebony, her Asiatic features (thick lips, wide nose, black eyes) distinguish her as the Original Woman and make her the envy of all other women of the universe.

The devil has discovered many ways to manipulate her appearance to look more like you! They inject collagen into their lips, to give them the fullness that you were born with. They perm their hair and even wear braids trying to recreate themselves so that their looks will mirror yours.

You are doing yourself the worst injustice by coloring your lips, eyes and cheeks, imitating the ways of the devil. YOU DON’T NEED IT! Accept yourself as beautiful naturally. You should reject the standards of beauty imposed upon you by the ugliest people on the planet.

They bombard you with filthy images of their half-naked, stringy-haired women and make you to think that that is beautiful. Don’t look at them! Don’t let your daughters and sons look at them! They do this to tempt you to do the same, and make all deserving of hellfire. This subliminal conditioning makes you to love them and hate yourself.

The devil has been ruling for the past 6,000 years and has made the whole world believe that it has to look like her in order to be beautiful. You find original women all over the earth bleaching their skin and hair trying to look like the stale-faced, blonde-haired, blue-eyed devil.

It should be a sin to bleach and straighten your natural hair, in an effort to look like your and my enemy. Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) taught us that we have kinky hair because we are a strong people. Nothing can defeat us! Our hair is a symbol of our strength!!! By straightening it you weaken yourself.

You are also showing a lack of love of self by trying to look like someone other than your ownself. When you straighten and color your hair, you are saying to the world, “I DON’T LIKE THE HAIR I WAS BORN WITH!”

Some Sisters claim that they straighten their hair to make it more manageable. This is no excuse. The bigger statement is still there, that they don’t like the hair God gave them, so they press or perm it or wear a wig, which, whatever the motivation is, makes them look like they are trying to look like their enemy (the blue-eyed devils).

Learn how to braid. If you braid your hair after washing it, it will dry and be very easy to comb. Section it and braid it every night before you go to sleep and in the morning, you can style it and be your naturally beautiful Black self. The beauty in your face will be enhanced if you just comb it all going back. Or you can part it on the side and wear it like that. You can twist it. You can wear cornrows. But please do not “lock” it into dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are unclean. You need to comb your hair every day. Dreadlocks “lock” dirt and lint into the hair and it is impossible to clean properly. Do not wear braids with extensions. And please do not wear afros/naturals. You should not go out in the public with your hair sticking out all over your head.

And please do not cut it and wear it short as men do. We should not cut our hair unless it is to trim split ends. Do not follow the styles of the men and do not cut your hair. Not even into a style.

Better yet, cover it. There are beautiful scarves available that you can wear which will fashionably accessorize your outfits. The Holy Qur-an teaches us that the modest woman covers her “adornment” (hair) so that she will not entice Brothers and other men with her beauty. This is why Muslim women and other women who try to practice modesty cover our hair.

As Asiatic Blackwomen, we should not tempt men to think lewd and lascivious thoughts about us. It leads to indecency. Wearing make-up incites in men a desire to fulfill carnal wants. A man once told me that when he sees a woman wearing lipstick, it makes him want to kiss her. He said the wearing of lipstick is a woman’s way of telling a man, “Kiss me!”

This should be the furthest thing from our minds, Sisters. We do not want men to desire us physically, unless he is our husband. But we want our husband to desire us as we are naturally – and appreciate our natural beauty. The Blackman has to change his way of thinking as well, because just as we have been indoctrinated with self-hating standards of beauty, so has he.

We have to show him that we see the beauty in ourselves and that we are not trying to look like the devil anymore. Consequently, his eyes will open to the natural beauty in his own woman and he will not be attracted to white standards of beauty anymore.

If we are trying to look like white women, then we are proving to the world that we think white women are beautiful. Why then would a Blackman want a Blackwoman when the Blackwoman is trying to look like white women? When that is the case, he is justified in choosing a white woman to be his mate.

We have to reject everything the white race does. They and their world are going to be destroyed in a few days, along with everything and everyone who goes along with them. Allah is going to destroy them all. Nothing of this world will be left.

If you are in love with the white race’s way of life, then you will be destroyed as well. The Bible (Rev. 18:4) says, “Come out of her, my people (the so-called Negroes).” This is The Great Day of Separation. We have to separate ourselves from our oppressors, so that we “be not partakers of her sins” and that we “receive not of her plagues.”

Loving them and following after them will get you the Hell. They are fuel for the fire of Hell and their greatest desire is to take you with them. Show Your Creator That You Love Him and Yourself, by refusing to whitewash your self. Let Your Natural Beauty Shine and Show the World That You Know That You Are The Original Standard of Beauty and Your Day Has Come.

“The Muslim woman goes natural. When you see her, you are looking at a natural beauty”

– The Most Honorable and Humble Elijah Muhammad
(May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him)

7 thoughts on “Beauty Natural

  1. All praises due to Allah! This is an awesome website, I needed this! I cannot wait to read more!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Asalamuilakum sister your website is so inspiring. You have a great deal of knowledge on here very well put together my name is sister zahirah nazlah pasha
    And i am a registerd muslim wanted to keep in touch

    1. This article is really interesting. I remember coming up. I am 41 years old. I remember my mom telling me that makeup was supposed to be used to protect the skin. She is 83 and was southern born and raisedw. My mom raised me and my two sisters (56 and 65) believing this. She told us that a woman was supposed to always look well kept, especially in the workplace. She used to say that a plain woman was not appealing and that she would always be judged by her looks.

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