Immaculate Cleaning

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved and Beautiful Sisters!

Keeping our house immaculately clean is an all-day task. Even if you are not actively cleaning, you should always be on the look-out for “clean-ups.” There may be a piece of lint on the carpet. There may be a piece of mail you neglected to file or throw away. One of your loving family members may have left a dish on the counter or neglected to put his or her shoes in the shoe rack by the front door. If you are always on the look-out, you will notice and thus pick up and throw away or put away any misplaced items instead of overlooking them.

You may have noticed some dust has accumulated between dustings. It is very easy to just take a little time to go and get your feather duster and dust that area. Your eyes should always be scanning your house for “clean-ups,” especially if you have a family. You have to clean up after them also.

It is good to train your children to clean-up after themselves. Do not let them take off a jacket without immediately hanging it up or take off their shoes without putting them in the shoe rack by the front door. Let me say here that we should always remove our shoes when entering the home. Shoes are made for walking outside. We don’t want to track dirt and debris from outside into our immaculate homes. This makes for more cleaning which can be avoided simply by removing our shoes.

You should be able to walk around in your stocking feet without the bottoms getting dirty. Floors are important in the general appearance of your home as they account for 25 per cent of a room. Keep them clean. Have your carpets cleaned every three months and sweep and mop daily.

Make your children wash their dishes and put them away immediately after use. Your husband, as the breadwinner and provider for the family can do what he wants. You should not nag him about anything he does around HIS house. He married you to keep his house. Do not nag him. He has a lot on his mind. You are there to EASE his mind not nag him about anything he does. Be grateful he provides for you and show him by putting his dishes away for him and hanging up his coat. And do not even bring it up. He sees what you do and will feel good about buying you diamond earrings and roses, when it pleases him.

Your children are a different story. You must instill the necessity of cleanliness in them. You should not have to tell them to clean up their room. Or set up a time for them to clean up. If you teach them to put EVERYTHING away, immediately after they have used it, there will be no need to make them put everything away all at one time because it will not have accumulated to that point. Of course, you will clean up after them, but you should also make them know the importance and get them into the habit of cleaning up after themselves all the time.

You are the only person ultimately responsible for keeping your house clean. Your family may help you, but the responsibility is all yours. Do not be too proud to get on your hands and knees. That is the difference between clean and immaculate. No one will see anything but the results of your hard work. And, your family will love you more when they see you going to such lengths to keep them in the BEST.

Sisters, Allah (God) has Blessed us with shelter. Having been homeless, I can truly say, from experience, how wonderful it is to have a roof over your head every night. Let Us Show And Prove To Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praise Is Due Forever, That We Are Truly Grateful For His Blessing Us With Shelter And KEEP OUR HOMES IMMACULATELY CLEAN.

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