Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
In the Name of Allah,
Master Fard Muhammad,
The Beneficent, The Most Merciful
To Whom Praise Is Forever Due

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As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved and Beautiful Black Queens of the Planet Earth!

In keeping our house, we must have the means to do so. As the keeper of the house, we are given a certain amount of money as a house allowance from our husband, inasmuch as we are the ones responsible for maintaining the weekly, monthly and yearly necessities of the house. Therefore we must use wisdom in spending.

(*Note: If we are single, we also use a budget and are wise in spending.)

We must keep accurate records of what is needed for every room in the house, also, what every person in the family’s personal needs are, so that we may keep the house functioning in an orderly manner.

A good housekeeper keeps the best records. She is always prepared to give any information concerning the money managements that are her duty.


Rent/Housenote  ______________
Electric  ______________
Gas  ______________
Water  ______________
Telephone  ______________
Cel Phone(s)  ______________
Internet  ______________
Car Insurance  ______________
Household Supplies  ______________
Personal Care Products  ______________
Haircuts (sons)  ______________
Groceries  ______________
Allowances  ______________
Savings  ______________
Gas for car/Bus Fare/Repairs  ______________
Clothing/Shoes/Accessories  ______________

You should buy a 3-ring binder and write down what you spend every month. Remember to save receipts, so that you can look back and record how much you spent on each product. If there is any waste you will know how to cut back on certain things or if you can buy in bulk and save.

Always keep monthly statements in your notebooks. There is a big push to go paperless and receive monthly statements online. I would recommend that you continue to receive paper statements so that you will have a hard copy for your notebook. However, it is possible to maintain records on your computer.

You can divide your notebook by statements; one section for bank statements, car notes, warranties, utility bills, etc.

Or you can arrange your notebook by month. At the end of each month you should tape your receipts to a piece of paper and insert them in your binder for easy reference. Then three-hole punch the statements for that month and insert them. Write down how much you spent on groceries, household items, gas, rent and bills and balance it with how much income you received. This way you know exactly how much money you spent on EVERYTHING, and can recognize any areas where you are being prodigal or niggardly.

Excel is a good program to use for budgeting and accounting.

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