“We Must Have Regularity In Everything We Do.”


In The Name of Allah, Master Fard Muhammad,
The Beneficent, The Most Merciful
To Whom Praise is Due Forever

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As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved and Beautiful Sisters!

Our Beloved Messenger, The Most Honorable and Humble Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him), taught us that, “We Must Have Regularity In Everything We Do.” Doing things regularly helps keep order and balance in our lives. It is especially good for children, but it also is key in keeping your household running smoothly and efficiently. You should follow a schedule daily, weekly, and yes, even yearly.

A good idea is to schedule your day around the designated prayer times. By doing this, it will enable you to accomplish several different tasks, without spending too much time on any one thing. Knowing that you have to be home for prayer, or have to stop what you’re doing to make prayer, keeps you focused on accomplishing your tasks and prompts you to keep moving on to the next.

Your days should always begin with prayer. This shows and proves to Allah (God) that He is foremost in your mind and heart and that you put Him first in everything you do. It guarantees that you proceed with divine, pure thoughts and an attitude of worshipfulness, gratitude and humility.

You should acclimate your children to waking up early and praying to Allah (God) as a family, every morning. In the Nation of Islam, we pray at 4:30.

Groom and dress yourself. Wash each hand three times, beginning with the right. Wash your mouth out three times. Rinse your nose out three times. Wash your face three times. Wash your arms up to the elbows, three times, beginning with the right. Using wet fingertips, clean your ears. Run wet hands over your hair and neck.  If you are married and have been intimate with your husband, you both must make a full ablution (shower or bath) prior to prayer. By cleaning ourselves before we pray, we will be at our absolute BEST (as we should be) when we humbly stand before The Lord of The Worlds.


By getting such an early start, you will find that you have enough time to complete all of your daily housework, without having to rush. You can get an early start on cleaning, laundering, baking, running errands, schooling for your children, and you can even get started on supper!

You will be able to complete a few hours of lessons for your children and be ready to run errands by the time everything opens at ten. If you have to go grocery shopping you can be first and fresh. Some stores open at 6:00. By getting in early you can complete your shopping well before the “Food Stamp Army” arrives. The produce is fresher and not picked over; the selection of all items is better; the checkout lines are shorter; and the employees are more cordial.

If you have to make an appointment, by arising at such an early hour, you can schedule the first appointment so you won’t be held up if she gets backed up later on in the day.

There is plenty of time to run all of your errands, fulfill your appointments and be home in time for the noon prayer. In fact, you will probably get home with time to spare. You can put your purchases away, sit down and “recoup” (slang) and enjoy your child(ren)’s company for a while.

If you have to go to work and take your children to school in the mornings, you will find that you have extra time to ready yourself and your children for leaving and will even have time to do some work around the house.

By noon, you will be ready for another prayer. There is nothing better and more relevant than stopping all of your activity to take time and pray. Prayertime is so calming and peaceful! You clean your hands and face, removing any impurities and germs that might sully you; cleaning yourself before you enter into a state of prayer. This regular cleaning is excellent for your skin. You can also read or listen to The Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him), to get your mind and spirit right and exact – clean and pure – like your physical. Thus you will be mentally, spiritually and physically qualified to participate in the institution of prayer and Give Allah (God) His praise.

Following prayer, you can allow your children to have free time or finish any schoolwork they may not have completed before prayer. They can play, color, read, watch an educational video, play video games (not shooting and fighting!), &c. This is also a good time to do something together, like go to the park and play tennis, have a conversation in a foreign language (or native language), watch a documentary together, or play an educational game, like dominoes, which is very fun but also teaches mathematics. Don’t rush your child(ren) or put pressure on them to make a move. Give them plenty of time to add up their dominoes. Even if they don’t get any points, they have practiced addition! Also, be sure to let them win all the time! That way they will want to keep playing. And then have them add up all their points. 😉

In the Summer, there will be more time between the noon and the late afternoon prayer, so you might want to do the majority of your housework at this time. And then around 3:00, begin fixing dinner, so it will be ready after the late afternoon prayer. ‘Asr (AH-sir) is known to be the most difficult prayer to make, because it comes at a time when most people are at their busiest. But again, taking time to stop everything and remember Our Saviour, is better than anything else you could possibly do.

After ‘Asr – SUPPER! (At 4:00 or 6:00 p.m.) You can sit down and enjoy your meal with your family, knowing that you have completed a successful and productive day, and knowing that you are doing something that will keep you healthy and prolong your life (one meal a day).

After supper, you can clean up and make your Sunset prayer. Depending on the time of year, your children can do some homework and/or start getting ready for the next day; bathe, select attire and get ready for the final prayer before retiring.

Here is my family’s daily schedule. You can use EXCEL to create your own schedule customized to fit your family’s particular needs.

3:15 Wake Up Make Bed
3:20 Groom Dress
3:40 Wake up Hakim Hakim Groom/Dress
4:00 Read Qur’an Listen to Qur’an
4:30 Prayer
5:00 Housework Free time for Hakim
5:45 Prepare for School
6:00 Begin School
9:00 Shopping/Errands
11:00 Return Home Freetime Do Something Together
11:45 Prepare For Prayer
12:00 Prayer
12:30 Housework Free time or Finish Schoolwork
3:00 Prepare Supper
3:45 Prepare for Prayer
4:00 Prayer
4:30 Supper
5:30 Housework Homework or Something Educational
6:45 Prepare for Prayer
7:00 Prayer
7:30 Showers Prepare for Next Day
8:30 Prayer
9:00 Retire

(*Times are approximate)

That covers daily schedules. Weekly and monthly schedules include any activities in which you and your children may participate. Naturally, you should plan your schedules accordingly.

Yearly schedules may include dentist and doctor appointments, vacations, and any other annual events in which you participate. By scheduling these events in advance (at least a year), you will have plenty of time to plan and will be better prepared when their scheduled time arrives.

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