Devils Killing Our Babies



As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful and Beloved Goddesses of the UNIVERSE!

I have a sad story to report, but it is a tragedy that could happen to any one of us and our children as long as we are present and among the wicked devils of America.

A 46-year-old Dallas white man shot an 8-year-old Black boy in the face, for no reason other than that he is a wicked, grafted devil and a murderer of the Black man by nature. We live “Under The Shadow of Death” here among the American devils.

The media and the poor boy’s family are acting like they don’t know why this devil shot him. The parents and family are blind, deaf and dumb to the condition in which they and their ancestors have suffered for over 400 years. When are we going to WAKE UP???

It is so obvious, and the devils know it. But they want to keep us blind, deaf and dumb and under their authority forever. So, they will never tell us the TRUTH of themselves.

Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praise is Due Forever, Has Made Manifest this white race of devils and they can no more hide under their cloak of deception and lies.

The Original Black Man is waking up to the Knowledge that the white race is a race of devils and were made by nature to kill and deceive the whole Nation for their limited time of 6,000 years. Their time is up, but the only reason why they have not yet been destroyed is because of the slow-awakening of the Black man.

Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praise is Due Forever, does not want to destroy us when He destroys the devils. He Wants to Save Us and Place Us In Heaven AT ONCE, Making Us The Rulers of His Kingdom of Righteousness and Truth that will live forever.


All while we are sporting and playing and not taking any heed to the time that we are living in, the devil continues to kill us daily. And there is no way to stop him, but by uniting under the Power of Allah (God) and Islam, so that He Can Bring the devil to his well-brought doom.

(HERE IS THE STORY [edited])

According to reports, Donald “D.J” Maiden, Jr. was outside playing in the parking lot at the La Bella Palms Apartments just before dark. An unknown devil just came up and shot him in the face for no reason other than that he is a white devil and hates the Blackman by nature; but poor, little “D.J.” managed to run for help.

Neighbor John Fuller reported,  “He was holding, all his jaw was just hanging, like, and all his little friends was over there crying.”

Justin Yancey said the third-grader ran past them, rushing home to his mother.  “I heard a loud bang. And then five seconds later a little kid, little DJ, he ran around the corner holding his jaw with a mouthful of blood,” Yancey dialed 911.

Miata Bevele sometimes babysits for D.J. She says it was chaos when he reached home. “His mom was telling me, ‘My son got shot! Do you know who shot my son?’ And we were all sitting in the house crying and breaking down.”

Brian Cloninger (credit: Dallas Police Department)

Police identify the gunman as 46-year-old Brian Cloninger of Dallas.

He doesn’t live at the apartment complex but Fuller saw his truck parked there early in the afternoon.

Cloninger was arrested for injury to a child and is being held on a $2.2-million bond.

None of this answers the family’s question of “Why?” Sharon Locklin, D.J.’s grandmother said, “I just don’t know why this would happen. I’ve never experienced anything like this.  And I don’t understand why someone would target an innocent child like this,” she said.  She also told us the boy is in a medically-induced coma and that his jaw is wired shut, but that he’s a feisty kid and the family feels he will be okay.


Again, it is time we stop asking “Why?” and accept the fact that the white race is a race of devils who do not need a reason to shoot us. The answer to D.J.’s grandmother’s “Why?” is that they were made by nature to kill us. They cannot help themselves and they will never stop, which is why Allah (God) is separating us from them so that He Can bring them to their doom.

What do you think?

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