Being Vegetarian…..

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

In the Most Holy and Righteous Name of Allah, Master Fard Muhammad,
The Beneficent, The Most Merciful



“Do not be a meat consumer. Be a vegetarian. This is the best menu for our health.”

“We eat meat, but yet meat is not good for us. It becomes a habitual tool. This type of food poisons the blood and goes into the flesh and cannot help but transform and destroy the surface of the flesh.”

“We should not eat meat at all. Meat is not good for our health nor for our body.

“ACTUALLY by nature, we are not made to live off meat. ALLAH (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, Taught me, that no meat is good for us, except the little young pigeon (squab) that has never flown from its nest.”

“BEEF – coarse meat, such as beef – we should not wear out our stomach trying to digest this coarse meat. We should not eat any meat – not even lamb.”

“Let us try not to eat so much meat – especially animal flesh. No meat is good for good health and longevity. We must stop eating meat gradually, because actually, meat is not by nature a food for human consumption.”

“BEFORE the making of the white man, the Black man did not eat animal flesh.”

“…Meat was never intended for man to eat from the very creation of man. We have been eating meat. Why? Because the ruler of this nation of earth for the past six thousand years (6,000 years) is an enemy of the Original Man who has inhabited the earth from time unknown to man. A people that have been populating the earth here for billions and trillions of years would not eat the wrong food if they had not been made to suffer for guidance under a made enemy of theirs. And, the enemy does not follow what we, the Original Man had and was practicing. “It is true, according to the Teachings of Almighty God to me, that he caused us to eat the wrong foods. He is doing it himself and any man (the Original Black Man) who comes into his civilization, he tries to force him to eat the wrong foods.”

“TO EAT MEAT is against our life and shortens the span of our life. We eat meat because it is a habit from childhood.”

“IF WE MAKE a habit of living off the flesh of their lives, it will shorten our lives. Our stomachs are not made by nature to digest flesh and yet continue to produce or prolong our lives, because the flesh wears away the stomach. The eating of the flesh of other creatures is not good for our flesh.”

“ALLAH HAS Taught me that chicken is not good to eat. They are quite filthy (in-as-much as they do not eat the cleanest of food)…”

FISH is a better food, if you eat the better fish. The flesh of the fish comes out of another world. This makes it better for us in this world. Any animal or beast that is out here eating the same food that we eat, we should not eat him, because his flesh is too hard for our flesh to digest.”

“HOW TO EAT TO LIVE. Eat that food that Allah (God) Has Prescribed for us. Even take little simple things such as beans. Allah (God) says that the little navy bean will make you live, just eat them. He Said to me that even milk and bread would make us live. Just eat bread and milk – it is the best food. He Said that a diet of navy beans would give us a life span of one hundred and forty (140) years. Yet we cannot live one-half (½) that length of time eating everything that the Christian table has set for us.

“VERY few Christians, even doctors, live eighty to ninety (80-90) years – not to think of living over one hundred (100) years. And they think they have lived for a long time if they reach a life span of eighty or ninety years. He has not been here long enough to know what life is.

“NOAH and Methuselah lived almost into a thousand years, but we cannot live one-tenth (1/10) that time (100 years), because we eat the wrong food.”

SIMPLE navy beans is one of the best foods that we can eat. You do not have to strain the beans to eat them. Straining the beans is a real habit that we took up years ago. But, they are better if you eat them in their hull (skin).

“DO NOT put a lot of spices, or what you call season, in such good food. Do not do this. You will ruin your food. The value of the bean is taken away by your putting so much seasoning in them. Just put the beans on and cook them until they are done. Let the beans stay in its jacket. Of course I see them crush the beans, and since the cooks and the eaters like it like that, I go along with them. But I like it better when you just cook them right in the jacket.

“I FEEL like I could eat a bowl full of beans right now while I am talking about it. You can eat that bean seven (7) days a week. It is very appealing to the appetite.

“WE SHOULD have a great field of hundreds and thousands of acres of beans to feed our people. It is a very cheap and a very healthy food for us. We should buy canning factories for ourselves and can beans.”

“WE the Black People need to plant wheat and to raise all of the wheat flour that we can raise. We need to have great farms of pigeon-birds and eat only the ones who are too young to leave their nest. We call them squab. Allah (God) Said to me that this young bird is the only one that is fit for us to eat and do not eat Him after he flies from the nest. Chicken is not good for us to eat although we eat it. As you know the chicken is as filthy as the swine or the dog. He is a very filthy fowl… he will turn right around and eat his own droppings.”

“DO NOT EAT such foods as collard greens. Do not eat black eyed peas, or brown black and many other peas. They are not good for your stomach. Feed them to the cattle. Do not eat baby or adult lima beans. “

DO NOT EAT field peas, black eyed peas, brown peas, yellow peas nor red peas. Do not eat the great big lima beans nor the little lima beans. The only kidney-like bean should you eat, as Allah (God) Taught me, is the navy bean. There are the white ones and the red ones. You may eat them. Do not eat too many green greens. They are not good for you. Especially the collard greens and the cabbage sprouts. Do not eat them. There are plenty of herbs and vegetables that you can eat other than these. But, seek mostly the white ones, such as white-head cabbage and white cauliflower.”

“Lima beans, butter beans, field peas, black eyed peas, and even soy beans are not good for anything but for shortening your life.”

“YOU MAY SAY this type of food, that I am mentioning to you, is high. But life is high and to keep it, you had better eat the things that will maintain that high life. You and I live only but once. Eat the good things of life and think good things. Do not fill the brains up with evil thoughts. Think good things and then you will be good. I hope that you will take this for your own sake. How to eat to live.”

“Sugar diabetes can be controlled and cured if you only eat right. Stay off of sugar and starchy foods and leave those old, white potatoes alone. Do not eat spaghetti and macaroni at every meal. If you are overweight, do not eat it at any meal, and if you want to live a long time, do not eat it at any meal. Food such as spaghetti and macaroni is processed, not cooked thoroughly, and is hard to digest.”

“CORN BREAD, half-done flour bread, and sweet potatoes, all shortens your life. The sweet potato is not good for any human to take as a food. White potatoes do very well but they produce too much starch which would add fat, and too much fat shortens the life.”

“Fresh fruit and fresh edible vegetables and good pure wheat bread, pure milk and butter are the best food for man.”

“YOUR BEST vegetables are: cauliflower, cabbages (not the green cabbages). If you love turnips, eat the roots, not the salad. Some other vegetables we eat are as follows: Brussel sprouts, asparagus, eggplant, okra, squash and rhubarb.”

“There are some people who eat only fruits and vegetables. They are vegetarians and they live a long time…”

“THERE ARE SOME people who claim that they do not receive beneficial results as they should. This is due to wrong mental food that they are eating, which has an effect on their digestive system. To get good results from eating the proper foods, we must have good thoughts.”

(Excerpts from HOW TO EAT TO LIVE, BOOK II by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad [PBUH])

*You Can Read How to Eat to Live, Book II In Its Entirety Here.*



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