بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Asiatic Black Bebies


Meet Lulu II

O/G Lulu was refurbished, probably over thirty years old and cost $140.00

Lulu II is brand new and cost $79.00

And is much easier and MORE FUN TO RIDE!!!

I feel like going back to the place I bought O/G Lulu and putting my foot up somebody’s you-know-what.

I thought I was going to be paying three or four hundred for a new bike, since she was refurbished and cost $140,

Then I get to Walmart and the first pink bike I saw was a Panama Jack and it had a basket and a cup holder and I trepidatiously (LOL You know I make up words 😉  ) looked at the price tag and when I saw $129, I was floored!

So, I kept looking around and saw Lulu II, and she didn’t have a basket or anything but she was pink. Razzaq told me to get her. I wanted the Panama Jack, but I’ve learned to hear and obey. So, I found the baskets and they had this fabric bag that you could remove but it was too complicated to affix AND it was lavender so it wouldn’t match. I thought $20 was a lot too.

So, I looked at the traditional wicker baskets like O/G Lulu had but you couldn’t remove it AND it cost $25!!!

So, I saw some smaller baskets and one of them was pink so I attached it to Lulu II and it looked like it came with her. So……. $Free.99 😉


I was also able to get a camisole I really needed that I don’t know where else to get one but Wal. I searched for about twenty minutes trying to find my size! All they had were 2X and XXL and I’m a “Smedium“.


(I know this is not the song, but it’s the emcee…)

I was SO happy when I found that Mug! I almost kissed the lady working there!  LOL


So, anyway, I was going to buy a lock at Walmart but it’s a good thing I tried them out before I bought them because I tried two different ones and they both got stuck when I was trying to set the lock!

So, I decided to just go back to the bike store where I bought O/G Lulu and get the same lock I had for her.

I’m still puzzled how they got her.

That was the BEST lock they had.

So, I’m not going to spend so much money this time, In sha Allah.

The only reason why I got that one was because you didn’t need a key.

I don’t have any other keys, so I didn’t trust myself trying to keep up with a little bike lock key. Same thing is in e-f-f–e-c-t, but I’ma see if I can find a cheaper one. That one was $35.00!


I also like Lulu II’s handlebars better than O/G’s. They’re like high and I can lean back and cruise like Snoop and X-to-the-Z 😉

(You dealin’ with some real O/Gs….)


They had fishing poles at Wal and I saw a pretty hot pink one and it was only $12.97!

But it looked so complicated! I thought all you have to do is just put the bait on the hook and you’re ready to go. But this one required a little assembly. So, I guess I’ll be YTing fishing tutorials…



So, I left Wal about 9:30 but the other bike store doesn’t open up until 12 or 12:30, so I came to “the office” to kill some time.

I knew they wouldn’t trip about me bringing in Lulu II

And I sent an e-mail to Kool DJ Herc

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Most Merciful
As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Brother, DJ Kool Herc,
May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah be upon you!
I am a B-Girl and a writer who is interested in helping you pen your autobiography.
I grew up with Hip-Hop and have done extensive research on the origin of hip-hop and seen and read numerous of your interviews but there is nothing like hearing the story directly from the person whose story it is. And Hip-Hop is definitely your story, Dear Brother
The Hip-Hop community NEEDS to hear YOUR story from YOU!!! I am a writer and would be willing to help you write your autobiography. I say autobiography as opposed to memoirs because I am an avid reader of both and prefer autobiographies. They tell a better story.
In short, my Dear Beloved Brother, PLEASE write your autobiography! Admittedly, I have never written a book (although I do have a blog so, I have not the first idea about publishing but maybe you would consider an e-book, wherein somehow you could include videos, music and links.
I mean, this IS the digital age, and Hip-Hop started off with the music and ended up revolutionizing the entire music industry. Might as well continue the tradition and push the envelope by revolutionizing the publishing industry to include videos and digital music instead of just photos. Let’s make use of ALL of the technological resources at hand!!!
Thank-you in advance, Dear Brother, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
btw Thank-you for explaining the term “Put your ‘stink’ on it.” 😉😁😘
May Allah Bless You, Dearly Beloved Brother, With MONEY, A Good Home, Friendship in all walks of life and Peace of Mind and Contentment!
In the Name of Allah,
As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum
Your Sister,
But I used lavender ink and this whimsical font.
I wanted to write about something else but I cannot remember what it was….
I still have a little time before the bike store opens so, I’ma chill for a minute and see if I can remember.
Okay, I remembered one thing – the handlebars.
But it was something else too.
Anyway, I’m in my hotel room now, having successfully completed every mission I had planned.
I even fooled this Sister into thinking I was from New Orleans. LOL
She asked me “Why do you look like I know you?”
I said, “Probably from around here.”
She asked me where I was from.
I said, “Around here” (Treme’)
Then she asked me what High School I went to.
I said, “Clark” LOL
I knew that school has been here a long time because the Brother I met last time I was there told me he went there and he was in his seventies!
She asked me if I knew some people named “Carter?”
And I was like
Hmm, Carter? That name sounds so familiar!” LOL
So, we started talking and whatnot
But she told me she went to this restaurant around the corner and bought some fish.
And you know I was like, “I hope not catfish, that’s the only fish ya’ll eat out here!”
And then I was like
But she didn’t catch it.
So, I figured I had better ‘fess up before she caught me.
But that was fun.
I’m kinda pissed because a Second-Line just went down the block, but I wasn’t dressed so I missed it. 😦 I was thinking about going to see Papa Marsalis. He’s going to be at this venue I’ve heard is really nice, but I don’t feel like going anywhere. It’s so rare that I have a place like this. I want to take full advantage.
His “other” son, Jason, is going to be there tomorrow and I kinda like him. He stayed in New Orleans like Papa, while his two Brothers (Wynton and Branford) left. Oh wait, that’s the “other other” Brother – Delfeayo. LOL
Anyway, I’ve been wanting to go to this venue so I might as well go while I have some money. I’m not going to be able to get a hotel as often as I thought anyway, because I had to buy another Lulu.
Looks like I’m gonna be up in the VA with the homeless people *sigh*
Make dua for me, People
(Pray for me)
(But don’t pray to no mystery god up in the sky that doesn’t exist)
(Pray to the ONE True and Living God, Allah, Master Fard Muhammad,
To Whom Praises Are Due Forever)
I feel like I’m on a business trip. Lying in the hotel room typing on my laptop.
It feels good.
Kinda like what I expect if I go to NYC to interview Kool DJ Herc.
Aw man, not NYC again…  😀
Why is another Second Line going down the block?
Then again, it might be the same one because it sounds like it’s coming from the other direction.
I wanna go out there SO BADLY, but then I don’t….
The only thing keeping me from going out there, is I know by the time I get dressed they’re gonna be gone and I’ve seen people running after Second Lines before and it is not a good look, but they sound like they stopped right outside!!!!
Oh Lort.
The music stopped.
I’m getting dressed
Nah, I sat up and the heat in the room just enveloped me like a warm hug.
I ain’t goin’ nowherr.
I wish I could turn on the news or YT
The music started back up again
They sound like THEY ain’t goin nowhere
Til I come out
I feel like Pookie
They’re still out there!
Okay, the music stopped.
But that just means
I feel like I’m here with Razzaq
And if I leave
It would be cutting into our private time.
“We” don’t have a room often
I’m listening to RAHEEM….
Man, ya’ll just don’t KNOW!!!
New Orleans is off the chain…
And I’m like this when it comes to the MUSIC!!!
Both Miles Davis and Duke Ellington wrote of bandmembers from New Orleans who got homesick and abandoned them.
I don’t recall reading or hearing about any musicians from anywhere else who did that.
But anyway, I still can’t remember what else I wanted to write about.
I’ll just say this.
If you want to lose weight or get in shape
Park your car and get a bike.
I’ve never seen a fat person riding a bike…
❤ ❤ ❤

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