Back Down Memory Lane…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Beloved & Beautiful Asiatic Black Kings & Queens

Al Hamdulillah! I pray Allah you had a chance to view the continuation of that Full Moon. I forgot usually it’s full for a couple of days. I didn’t see it when it rose, so it didn’t seem as beautiful as the night before but it was still AMAZING!!! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

You know I’m homeless, so “going out” is not a big production for me like it probably is for you, where you have to “get ready.” :/ You feel me? I’m already “out.” So much of my time is just spent, finding things to do while I’m out.

So yesterday, I had planned to go to this event at The California African-American Museum (CAAM) – one of my most favorite places to go. It was an event focusing on the political music of Los Angeles. I wasn’t all that thrilled about it, but at least it would give me something to write about. Plus, I’ve always been pretty political; I love music; and I’m from Los Angeles. Triple Threat.

Not to mention the fact that I had seen the facilitator’s name TWICE in different publications for two totally different things. So, I took that as a sign.

But when I arrived, I saw that the facilitator was a devil.

That is the only thing I don’t like about the museum. It’s too inclusive. I had to write them an e-mail once because I noticed that NONE of the employees were African-American!

They may have been Black but they were from other countries. Not up-from-slavery like we are.

That was so disappointing to me, because at the time of my visit, none of the visitors were Black (up from slavery in the United States) either!

So, who could I fellowship with or voice my sentiments with about these exhibits portraying or commemorating events in our unique history???? Thus the letter.

So, I was in L.A., and I still love it here, despite it’s unattractiveness when compared to Santa Monica. So, I decided to just hang out until it was time to go to this Jazz show back home. 😉

I had planned to go visit my old residence, the last place where I paid rent, whenever I was in the area, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I was a little hesitant because all of my old friends are male and you know how it is…

So, I ostensibly, based my visit on the desire to see how this beautiful and wonderful kitten, that used to keep me company, had grown up.

He was sitting on the porch when I arrived and he is just amazingly gorgeous.

However, when I put Lulu up on the porch he ran away so I didn’t get to hold him. 😥

I probably could have gotten my “Nature Boy” neighbor to fetch him for me, but I didn’t want to hang around too long. …Males, you know…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So, since no visit to L.A. is complete without a ride through Leimert Park, I made one more pit-stop. And, I am oh-so-glad I did!

There is a LOT going on. I picked up this newspaper called Los Angeles Standard and from what I imagine, (I haven’t read through the whole thing yet) it’s published by two Brothers (with the same parents 😛 ). It covers Crenshaw, Leimert Park, View Park, Windsor Hills, Ladera Heights, Park Mesa Heights, Jefferson Park, West Adams and Mid City. AKA My Old Stomping Grounds. And, I found out so many things so far. I’m going to have to continue this next time I blog after I’ve finished reading the newspaper. But In Sha Allah, I’ll bullet them at the end.

I just visited the website and it is just as good or even better than the newspaper because this newspaper I picked up is from July and the website seems to have more stories.

And OH MY GOD! Why did I stop in at the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center and was completely blown away by the caliber of music coming from those youngsters?!?!? They offer FREE performing arts classes for Black youth. I didn’t identify the song they were playing, it was something by Herbie Hancock and I knew it, I just didn’t take the time to name it, and now I can’t remember it. But they were so good! Better than the adults at the World Stage, which I also visited.

There is a lot going on there as well. Now keep in mind that it’s been about two years since I’ve really visited Leimert, and a lot has changed. I already told you how the Drum Circle has shrunk and although I didn’t see any, the devils are there now.

Well, the World Stage appears to be thriving. Many of the musicians who never made it to “stardom” are conducting workshops where they coach “aspiring musicians” for a small “donation.”

Last night, I spoke to a familiar face (Hey Baba Raka! 😀 ) about what was going on inside and found out that there is now a vocal workshop for singers. So, you know I love to sing Jazz, so I went inside, where I saw another familiar face (Hey Renee! 😀 ) and the workshop was in full swing.

There was an Asian lady on stage (which I really thought was not fresh, but the facilitators want money) singing (badly) “The Shadow Of Your Smile” which I always associate with Carmen McCrae, and although she supported the Nation, I just never really dug her.

So I got all of the fliers and In Sha Allah, I’ll list everything when I’m finished.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Then I boarded the train back to Samo. I spent my last cash on some of those mini chocolate donuts, you know that come six in a pack, and went to the Jazz spot.

I knew they were going to be devils but I was hard up for some jazz. And I didn’t have anything else to do…

So, I see a Brother sitting with a devil on the flowerbed outside and I thought it might be doable.

But I found a place to park Lulu right in front and decided to eat my donuts outside before going in.

A devil with some guitars (acoustic) walks by.

Then I decided to wait until I heard the music before deciding if I wanted to go in or not.

But I finished the donuts and then walked closer to the building and, through the window, it looked like the band was already playing. So I listened through the door for a minute and it sounded pretty good.

So I went in.

It was a recording.

Everybody was white, trying to be hip.

So when I walk in, you know when Black people show up at an event it automatically legitimizes it, everybody started putting on their “look-how-jazzy-I-am” attitude.

I sat down in the first seat I saw – at a table with a devil man eating. But we were at opposite ends of the table so…

Then I check out the musicians. First I notice a Brother, but he was the sound man.

Then in the center front, there is a devil with a flute and an alto on the floor in front of him.

I saw a vibraphone on the floor in front of the stage but it wasn’t being manned by anyone.

Then I noticed the Congas and thought they might actually be pretty good.

So, I conspicuously left my notebook with the KJAZZ sticker on the front on the table (to save my seat, you know?) and went in search of the Ladies Room.

I get in there and it’s cool but I’m kinda like animals when it comes to where I leave my scent. And I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted to leave it there. So, I just took a minute to enjoy the solitude and privacy, which is so hard to come by when you’re homeless, and the band starts up.

They weren’t terrible but they weren’t good either. Somewhere in between.

But then the leader (I assume) starts singing and I decided to take my leave.

So, I went back out front, grabbed my notebook and bounced.

Then I hear one of the see-how-jazzy-I-am devils, “Excuse me, Miss?”

I turn around.

“I’m not sure, but I think this fell out of your notebook when you walked out…”

It had.

Trying to be gracious… “Yes, thank you! It’s mine.”

I HATE when that happens. That’s the third time I’ve been having a good time, content, and somebody comes and just throws salt in my game, for lack of a better expression. The energy! It drains from me and goes to them. But, trying to be Halim…

So, I decided to go back to this spot I rather enjoyed on Saturday night but I kinda knew, Tuesday night is a lot different than Saturday night, and just pushed to an old spot.

I REALLY wanted to sleep on the beach again, but I was tired or lazy or both, and excused myself by noticing that it was about ten degrees colder than it had been the night before and I didn’t want to freeze on the beach.

But it’s beautiful everywhere in Santa Monica and when I opened my eyes, I was greeted with Palm Trees, seagulls and flowing water, which is so lovely that there’s a name for it in Arabic – Hadira.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Where has this website been all my life??? Black Cultural Events
  • One they don’t have… MARCUS GARVEY DAY – August 19, 2017 Sunrise Ceremony 5am, Free Black Family Breakfast 7-9am, Parade (Adams & Crenshaw to Leimert Park) 10am, Festival 12pm, Candlelight Memorial 7pm For more information (213)683-5711
  • For some healthy food, join the movement! I am definitely going here when I get my GR check, In sha Allah.  iamaflowerchild Review forthcoming, In sha Allah

This has been on my mind for a minute that I just had to write about it, and I saw an article in the L.A. Standard about the NAMI (something about mental illness) office in Leimert, so I’m taking that as a sign.

Psychiatric Medications are not for the people taking the medication.

The medication is for the people whom the people who NEED the medication have to be around. Huh?

People who need psych meds would be just fine if we didn’t have to interact with others.

I could go live up on a mountain and live off of juices and berries, dressed in animal skins and be completely content for the rest of my life. And I’m sure some people do do that sort of thing.

Unfortunately (for me, kinda), I’m a Muslim and have all this knowledge that Somebody Very Important would hold me accountable for not sharing if I did that… So you know how it goes.

Fortunately, I’m NOT in a position where I have to be responsible for anyone else, so if I DO have a psychotic break, it’s not going to directly affect anyone but myself. Thus, no medication for your Sister Captain! Yaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!

Unfortunately, (to a certain degree) I ran into Zawji’s daughter and I really felt a sense of responsibility, for some reason, and thought about taking medication again. Never mind that she’s grown now and certainly doesn’t need me looking after her…

But, I digress, whenever you run into that crazy man putting on a show for the entire train, you think, If anybody needs medication, it’s him.

But who does he need medication for? Obviously, he’s happy! You are the one who thinks he needs to act more like you and everybody else on the train.

And who knows? One day, he may feel that way too. But, in the meantime… Don’t ask him if he’s taken his medication… :/

Okay, back to the bullets…

  • Speaking of crazy people… If you want to take a picture or video of somebody but don’t want them to know, hold your phone at arms length (while you’re recording) and act like you’re taking a selfie (you know, fix your hair, check your teeth, &c.)… Granted it only works for a while, but I think Snapchat is only like 2 seconds anyway… :/ I wouldn’t know, I’m too old for Snap…
  • If I was gonna join another organization it would probably be this one Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club but dues, you know…
  • So, I finally found out where I can get Lulu some lights for her tires in L.A. They have something called the Electric Light Parade in Venice that is supposed to encourage safety during night rides, but apparently the mysterious Brother I’ve only so far heard about, appears at these weekly rides and you can purchase them from him. They meet every Sunday at 6:30 at Windward Plaza.
  • You know I love classical music, right? Well, guess what I just found out about??? Sundays Live @ LACMA
  • EDITORIAL – Facebook is cool and all, but if you have a business or organization, don’t substitute a FB page for a REAL WEBPAGE… :/



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